Re A. Lady trip and avoiding the recession .

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 3 Nov 2009 10:05
MONDAY 2nd November 2009
Its hard to believe that this is november, especially as we are approx 30 degrees everyday.
S.H. got up at 07.00 and went for a good long walk in beautifull weather. Lots of ARC boats arrieving to this port,
Met Peter Malone and his wife as I walked back to " A.Lady "  Peter was with JURYS HOTEL for a long time and now works
with the N.R.A.
After a long chatty breakfast with Leah, Aileen and Johnny, we took off in the volvo to look at the winery's and have lunch,
but! its monday and the restaurant is closed . feck..... so off to LagOmar restaurant  ( Omar Shareef's ) house, but again the bloody place was
closed, It seems everywhere closes on mondays.
Change of plans and off we went to EL GOLFINO and had lunch there, This Village looks out over the sea to the west, so there are always big rolling/breaking waves on the shore close to the restaurants,
On the way back to the boat, we stpooed and toured all the rocky cliffs and green lagoons, So,so different to the Irish coast.
All that black lava rock as far as the eye can see, Its like being on the MOON.
At 5pm , we left the marina and motored out to " PapaGayo " and dropped anchor for the night..
We had a nice cold dish for dinner, followed by more photo watching on the computer before going to the bunks.......
A lovely relaxed day,