" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world, (presently sailing from Equador to the Galapagos )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 20 Feb 2010 06:55
FRIDAY  19th February  2010
04.00hrs Kevin came on deck and relieved Stephen and Aileen on watch.
The wind was now blowing 22 knots ( unexpected) and we were flying along at about 8.5 knots.
We rolled up the Staysail just incase the wind got any stronger.
Did you know this , We learnt this at the Equator musuem,
The dawn breaks at 06.00hrs and the Sun sets at 18.00hrs every day, 365 days a year on the Equator, well that's what they said.
Of course our " Fat's" thinks this a load of rubbish and has fecked off to bed to work it all out..
08.00hrs, The Skipper came back on deck and joined Kevin, who had an uneventfull night watch,
We reset the staysail and were generally making good progress, the day was cloudy, Not what you would expect on the Equator.
09.00hrs We were surrounded with hundreds of dolphins jumping out of the sea in what looked like a special show just for us.
Later we saw a small pod of Whales, quite close to the boat, At first we thought they were sharks, but when they winked at us,
 we knew they were Whales, Pilot Whales in fact.
We spent the morning checking our emails and messages, We have some very regular messages from Rom, Michelle, Dennis, Terry
and others and occasional ones from Marylin, Anne, John, Leah , Sarah, stefan, and others. we love to get these. just keep them to 1 page.
and no attachments
13.oohrs We had Salamie Sandwiches by Fats
15.00hrs The wind started to fall off, with clouds appearing on the horizon again, but we did have a spell of glorious sunshine.
feck. There must be some bloody midgies or something on the boat, not big enough to see, but well able to to bite.
especially around the ankles, the little feckers, we will have to fumigate the place later before they discover that there are softer
places to attack on the human body.  Ohhhhhhhhh  the thought .
17.00hrs, Eventually we had to start the engine and motor, as did other boats in view, the wind had dropped below 09.knots
18.30hrs, The Skipper did the dinner, simple roast stuffed chicken, roast potatoes, creamed spuds, and carrotts,
Very simple and tasty, Mind you ,as Fats will agree, Cooking on anything that rocks and rolls is not simple,
You could very easily get a belt from the cooker on gimbles ,swinging with the motion of the boat. or just trying to hold onto
the precious Rum and Coke with one hand while trying to base the chicken with the other,  try it some day.....
20.00hrs  Kevin went on watch to Midnight,
00.00hrs, Stephen and Aileen went on watch to 04.00hrs
04.00hrs  Fat's went on watch to 08.00hrs
Today we go back another hour, so now we will be 6 hours behind Ireland and 7 hours behind Europe.
Good night
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde, ( Skipper)