Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 22 Feb 2011 12:51
MONDAY  21st  FEBRUARY  2001       
( Stefan Hyde's birthday )
" Grand Filou " arrived from Rio last night and pulled into the space beside us where " Kalopie " had been.
We got up early, and Aileen took off to Mass to pray for Stefan, ( Our youngest child , big child now )  whose birthday is today
but he is also having an operation , so fingers crossed all will be well.
Skipper met this South African young fellow on the marina, How small is the world !   well it turns out that this guy is a first
cousin of the " Thesen's " of  " Thesen Island in Knysna, where  Sham and Emily live, and his granmother lived in Tipperary
up untill her death a couple of years ago.  however he did not have an Irish name, it was more like " Chaplin " or something simular.
He has a    Yacht masters cert   and has spent the last year sailing around the world on different boats,   a nice guy.
Shortly after, skipper took down the bunting forward and prepared the boat to go to sea, we have all the paper work done and
are begining to get harbour fever, and have had enough of the broken and smelly paths with rubbish strewn everywhere,
Still we enjoyed our visit to Salvador, and will now spend the next 4 or 5 days exploring the Islands and rivers in the
huge Bay here. we have a few sailing guides, but they are in French, just to make it more interesting.
After a few cornflakes and a cup of tea, ( the Barrys tea being long gone ) we said good bye to our neighbours and slipped
the lines and  headed over to the floating fuel dock for diesel, we topped up with 550L of diesel and also took on boar some
more bottle's of water and coke, but they had run out of Ice, wahhhhhh we will have to make some of our own, but it is a pain
in the neck and the ice blocks are small, but still its ice for the G&T's
The cost of the diesel is roughly the same as Ireland.
We then put the semiridgit back onto the dericks and set sail for " Itaparica Island " just about 13 miles west, we sailed
through the huge fleet of moored tankers and other cargo vessels before reaching the NE side of the Island and all
the beautifull beaches. the golden sands shining brightly in the sun.
We also passed some traditional sailing skiffs / fishing boats, with their triangular sail set fore and aft on a small mast, simular
to what one would expect to find in India or Asia,
we sailed around the corner to find a large collection of yachts moored in a beautifull bay, we dropped anchor ,
had a light lunch and crashed out for a couple of hours,
The place had a wonderfull feeling, Its so long since we were at anchor in flat calm water with a good breeze blowing
through the boat keeping us cool.
Later, around 5pm we put the dinner cooking and went ashore for a stroll around, yes this is lovely , a good decision to come here,
We eventualy made it back to the boat and sat down to eat skippers dish, the great goulash, but .......... yeach, yeach, ........
cripes, it was overloaded with salt or something, ohhhh yeach,  he definatly got a fail for that, so the whole lot went over 
the side to feed the fish. and we had something safe like Yougart and pinapple.
" Crazy Horse" also came and dropped anchor later, but they usually keep to them selves, so thats fine too.
We watched the " Andre Rieu " DVD , our definate favourate for the moment. and had an early night, 
Thats all for today 
Signed :_   Stephen  Hyde  ( Skipper )