The Caribbean " A Lady"

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 17 May 2011 11:37
MONDAY  16th  MAY  2011
06.00hrs  It was dull and overcast following a night of rain and strong winds from the SE.
very ,very ubsettled weather ,
We went ashore early , Aileen wandered over to do some skyping in Falmouth harbour, while Skipper went to
the " Signal Locker" and ordered up some Navionics charts for the east coast of the States,
These things are much better value here than back home, about half the price.
11.30 Skipper collected Aileen and we paid a visit to Nancy Nicholson and her mother , who live close to the top of the hill
overlooking Falmouth Harbour, the view from their houses was awsome,
Nancy showed us around her studio and pottery and introduced us to her mother, her dogs and cats, but the whole place was alive
with wild life, especially these small Gecko's or little lizards all crawling around in the lush gardens,
We spent a good hour or more chatting and having coffe and talking about their history and relations in Cork, most of whome we
know well,
Nancy's grandfather, Commander Nicholson started what is now Nelsons Dockyard in English Harbour, so the history lesson
was facinating, The same man also started " Antigua Sailing Week" which is  famous in the sailing world. even our own son
Stefan has sailed in this event a couple of times.
Later, we drove to St. John ( the Capitol) and had a lovely relaxed lunch before visiting Stephen Murphy's art gallery,
this was interesting place as all all his art and craft work is made from recycled materials, and with a name like " Murphy" he
had to have ancestors from Cork too.  how small is the world!
We spent some time in the gallery before exploring the rest of St, John and finally around 5.30pm took off
in the rent a car back to Falmouth where A had to do some more emails and stuff. just long enough to greet the
next band of heavy rain, so after hanging around praying for the rain to go to Spain, it eventually cleared up and we made our
way back to the boat,
We invited our Americasn neighbours Bob and Vicki from " FoxSea" over to " A Lady" for a few scoops and chat, all very interesting
and we had a latish night.
Tomorrow , Tuesday, we fly to Barbados for a few days to get our visa's to bring " A Lady" into the States. so we will not be back
again untill next Sunday, and hopefully leave the following Tuesday for N.Y via Bermuda. a distance of 1,500 miles,
thats all for now,
Signed ;-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )