" A LADY TRIP" SAILING AROUND THE WORLD ( presenyly in Cayos Chichine , San Blas Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 20 Jan 2010 14:20
TUESDAY 19th January 2010
08.00hrs  All up and about and straight over the side for a refreshing swim.
               A cloudy morning, but lovely and warm, and just to look over at those palm thees growing out of the sand.  loovely
               If Global warming get going in any fashion, then these islands are doomed , even 1m would wipe them off the face of the planet.
              When the skipper turned on the computer, the screen was just a bunch of vertical lines, Not having come across this before, he
              thought the screen was banjaxed. particularly as there are large black creeping patches on the bottom of the screen from the salt water
              drenching it got on transit .     However " Fats " suggests   " TURN OFF EVERYTHING AND DISCONNECT ALL WIRES. this we did
              and Walla,, turned on the operation again and walla, were in buisness again, all working fine.
              Skipper responded to lots of emails and do the blog. nice to hear from Sarah, Bto Alfred, billy o brien,Rom, Michelle, ( the lovely sister in law)
              Lorna, ( the lovely sister) and many more.
             Donal and Grattan made themselves usefull and repared the tear in the staysail, caused from rubbing off the radar dome on the mast.
10.00hrs  The gang went ashore to take photo's while S&A paid a visit to " Bageutte" a Doufour 42 and very unusual looking craft, with a glass house on 
             deck, not pretty, but seems very functional for this area. the owners are Tamara and Thomas Bodmer and great friends of " LOUIS".
             the guy who fixed our water maker in Curacao.
           The one great thing about here ! no flies, no mossies, lovely breeze to keep us cool, lots of birds , palm trees, green vegitation,
           gleeming golden sand, and  straw huts for the locals, ( actually ,one can stay on holidays in these straw huts for $10 per head ,per day, all in.)
           However , the rest of the world is taking its toll , pollution! plastic bottles, plastic shoes, aeroboard, plastic bags, glass bottles,
           even old fridges strewn along the shore line. What a pity.
11.30hrsWe riased anchor and set off for neighbouring islands of " Dog Isl." and Green Isl.
          More wreck's , would not like to try an entry here at night. Chilling stuff.
          When we arrieved, (only a few miles away) and dropped anchor, all the gang on board jumped over the side and swam ashore, had a bit of snorkling
         and then swam back again. boring..but nice all the same.
LATER  We had " Drizzle Cake" and tea on board, courtasey of Grattan,
         The crew all went for a trip in the rib while the skip tried in vain to repair the blooming davitt again.
20.00hrs  We had a lovely evening in the cockpit, where we consumed a salad meal , consisting of :- salad potatoes, Irish smoked salmon, local lobster,
               avacado and the rest while the music played in the background.
             A look over some photo's and the bunks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz