Sailing around the World, ( presently in Mackay, Australia,)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 26 Jul 2010 13:26
SATURDAY    24th  JULY  2010
07.00hrs,  We crawl out of the scratchers and already find Scotty is already up rooted to his laptop in the cockpit.
We have a light breakfast and tackle the computer with blogs and emails.
09.00hrs,  Skipper and Aileen go to Josephine's, the hairdressor on the marina, for a hairy appointment. Skippers hair is so long at this stage
that it could be platted easily. and Aileen needed a complete makeover.
11.30hrs, we were finished with the hairdressor, and really happy with what she did. Aileen looked 10 years younger and skipper was
very neatly trimmed, looking dapper indeed. and then the hairdressor gave us a loan of her car for a few hours to visit the town of Mackay.
She was rather expensive, but well worth the money and we were really happy.and so were Maggie and Slovitsa from " Crazy Horse"  and " Liza" 
On our return from town, ( the shopping center) skipper was returning the car keys to Josephine at the saloon when he observed the
owners of " Tucanon" abusing and bullying the hairdressor over her pricing to such an extent that she lost the cool and told them F** off. ( rightly so )
The hairdressor was so shaken, that skipper had to help her sit down and fetch her a cup of water to revive her.
Meanwhile the bullies marched off to the " Rally control office" and then bullied young Nick to make a totally misleading statement on
the morning radio to the fleet about how rude the hairdressor was, of course forgetting to mention that they had bullied her into the situation in the first instance.
Unbelievable, thats what, !
Look at it this way, this radio announcment was made on behalf of people who did not have anything done at the hairdressors, and no mention
was made on behalf of the the people who had their hair done and were more than totally satisfied. But then, Bullies always seem to omit the crucial facts in an effort to get their own distorted view across.  As you can see, skipper is still upset over the whole thing.
Later, Skipper and Scotty went to the Off licence and stocked up with wines, beer, gin & tonics for the Party on board " A  Lady " tonight
Aileen cooked a chocklet cake and did lots of cheese and strawberry sticks, and other tit bits,
The party was in honour of  Scotty's departure, Slovitsa's departure, and as a coincidence, it happened to be Bill's birthday as well,
( Bill from " Crazy Horse ") one of the Yanks.
38 people in all joined the party on " A Lady" and as it was pissing rain, everyone had to go below, so it got tight, Bodily contact was natural
and everyone just loved the whole scene,,, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh lovely ...
Of course Skipper had to say a few words on behalf of the departing crew, and this was followed by a few words
from Scotty..  there were cheers all round..and the chocklet cake was devoured in a second....not to mention the gallons of booze.
Much later, we retired to one of the restaurants for something to eat, having had a great night on the boat, 
Much later still, we made our way back to the boat and hit the scratchers,
Thats it for today.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )