A LADY TRIP Sailing around the World , avoiding the recession, (presently in Shelter Bay, Panama)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 27 Jan 2010 14:53
06.00hrs Kevin and the Skipper went for a long walk, first around the old " Fort Sherman " residential buildings, most of which were now derilict and vandelised, and the we went off up through the national park, all part of the original " Fort Sherman" complex.
The woods or jungle was just that, JUNGLE, with monkies and baboons screeching far inside the tree tops, and lots of wild life evedent everywhere.
What a pity to see the place so run down, apparently when the Yanks left in 1989 and handed over the Canal and enclosed district to
the Pamamanian Government, it became a target for Vandels and Grabbers, who ransacked the place.
Also the Americans paid $6 per hour to the workers, now they only get $3 per hour from their Government.
Colon, a city across the bay from here is a dangerous place to go, and totally run down, It use to be a very cosmopolitan city when the Americans were around.
09.00 we had a light breckfast at the marina restaurant, never again.
         Aileen and Donal went by taxi and got some provisions for the ship, Not too much, because the skipper wants to clean out
         the deep freeze in the next few days.
         Skipper went to the Marina office and got all the paperwork out of the way, before meeting the admeasurement officer on board
         to measure the boat, me had to even measure from the deck to the bottom of the keel, plus tell him how many litres of fuel we use per day
         and how much fuel we had on board. ( to make sure we would not run out of fuel in the middle of the canal)
12.00 Whaen Donal and Aileen returned, we had to move " A  LADY " to another berth, C30
         We were moored alongside a Super looking Dutch Barge, ( 56 years old) and spends most of its life sailing around the world.
         She had a fine white polished topside, with beautifully varnished cabins and Lee Boards. The Skip, was impressed.
         Grattan tried ,without success to rewire the electrical connections to the shore, actually some were so burnt , that we decided to use the generator
         and not bother with the shore power for now.
        Later ,we had to go to the office and get our EXIT visa's  $15 each. this took about an hour, ( beaurocrats work the same the world over , Slow )
18.30 hrs  We got a taxi to dinner in the " Dirty old Town " of Colon, mind you it was a posh place and the meal was ok. and good value.
         we returned to the bunks much later.