" A Lady trip" A.R.C. Las Palmas to St Lucia . Avoiding the recession in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 29 Nov 2009 21:44
SATURDAY  /SUNDAY 28 & 29th November 2009
John and mark cooked a spagetty B dinner and it was very tasty and we had a great laugh over dinner,
20.10 hrs we had travelled 205 miles in 24 hours.
We were all exhausted , lack of sleep catching up on everyone. Skipper sleped on deck again and did not wake till daybreak.
08.00 hrs, we had travelled 103 miles in 12 hours under spinniker only.
09.00 hrs we changed the clocks 1 hour,
12.00 hrs  Mark caught our first fish, which was quickly cleaned and cooked for lunch.
The weather was beautifull and very warm, but we are now in the tropics, so it should be.and the sailing conditions were just perfect.
Later rhe skipper prepared roast stuffed pork steaks for dinner.
18.00 hrs we had reached half way, so we had to have a bottle of CHAMPAIGNE to celebrate the occasion
19.00 hrs ( local time) we covered 203 miles in the last 24hrs
Thats it for today
Stephen Hyde     skipper