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Stephen Hyde
Fri 12 Nov 2010 06:23
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Tuesday 9th  November   2010
S & A had a relaxing morning in Durban, but again, we were advised " not to walk anywhere on our own "
We left the Hotel around midday and drove to the " Gate Way " shopping mall, This place was huge, It seemed as
if it was the size of a city, and again the selection of goods available and the prices were excellent.
Meanwhile, back on board, Terry and Collette got a lift over to the Waterfront and had a long relaxing lunch there,
It was great to be here, even if the place is not safe to walk around on your own.
Neil did his own thing with the young crowd ....
17.00hrs S & A left the " Gate Way "  Aileen having had the hair done , and set off on our journey back to Richards Bay
up the " A 2 " motorway, this was a toll road, and the tolls ranged from 1.5 euros to 2.9 euros.
We enjoyed our trip to Durban, where there were lots of attractive colonial buildings mixed with some ugly modern high rise blocks.
On our return , we found most boats had arrived and like ourselves, all had experienced a tough crossing,  even to the extent that
" Eowyn " got knocked over completly and poor old " Mike " was knocked unconsious for a while.
19.30hrs We all piled into the rent a car and drove to " Jacks Corner " for dinner,
This restaurant was high up on the hill overlooking the whole of Richards Bay, At night it was a
magnificant sight with all the lights of the city glowing in the distance.
The weather was afull, lashing rain and a howling gale,  we were so lucky to be in out of all that stuff.
We were last to leave the restaurant, ( as usual ) and generally had a great night. Terry doing most of the entertaining.
Ohhhh, I nearly forgot, as we were going ashore from the boats, we had to cross from " A Lady" to Grand Filou and then to " Wild Tigris " 
and use their paserall ( Gang plank ) to get off. It was all very tricky stuff and Collette missed her step as she was at the end of the Gang plank
and fell on top of Skipper and we both landed on the quay wall in all the bleedin rain and puddles of water,
Poor Cottleet gave herself an afull knock and hurt her leg and hip.
Now we have two hippies on board the boat.  Skipper and Colette.
Thats all for today.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )