A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 4 Jul 2011 12:52
SUNDAY  3rd JULY  2011
The last week went by quickly, mostly taken up with having the side windows taken out and re bedded,
We have had leaks here for a long time, in particular the port front saloon window where it has leaked for almost 4 years,
We dicovered here that there were 5 fastnings that were too long and therefore the was never squeezed tight enough, can you believe
that some dawlk could do that, thats just down right careless.
We also discovered that the leak over the electrical panel was caused by the removal of a fastning to the starboard louvers
leaving a hole through the cabin top,
All these problems appear to be the result of having all new windows installed in the Saloon in 2007, careless or bad workmanship !
Skipper met many , many people who admired the boat, One couple , Tom & Linda Delaney were great company and we had
a great evening with them last Wednesday where we had a G & T special on " A Lady" and then went by dingy to BILL's
restaurant for dinner, The restaurant sits on the side of the river with its own marina  ------- very handy -------- the place was packed
and the food was great as well as being reasonable,
Later we returned to their boat " SIREN " and had a few night caps plus cigars , All great at the time, not so good the next morning,
Tom is of Irish extraction and invited us to join them with " A Lady" for a cruise in Maine with the New York Y.C. during August,
the timing of this event suits us nicely,
Aileen is enjoying her time back home, with weddings and other things to keep her occupied, but all the grand children are abroad
right now, some of them we will meet in a few weeks time in New hampshire,
Today, we went for a sail across Long Island sound as far as Long Island itself, the weather was only so so, with poor enough
visability and for a while it lashed out of the heavens, lucky for us, we were finished with the lunch by then,
On board were :-  Jacinta Raferty ( who lives in Cinnecticut but went to school in Dublin with Aileen )  her daughters Deirdre & Sinead
plus Deirdre's husband Rory and daughter in laws brother Man Hong, from Hong Kong,
(Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the U.S. so it was a long weekend with parties everywhere, Skipper was invited to Mulligans
party / bbq on the beach last night , and fully intended to go, but, That friggin BUT, decided to service the engine before going, not a
bother except the raw water impellor, Gawd, it took an age to extract it first and then it took over 2 hrs to get the new one back into
pump, ahhhhhhhh ! by the time it was all done it was 11.00hrs and too late to walk the 1 mile to the beach party,
Enough to make a Sheppard kick his dog................but there were plenty of fireworks all around the place )
Later  after the sail, when the others returned home, Skipper went for a long walk before having a steak and then back to
the boat , still at " Pilots point "  West Brook.  C.T.
We had more visitors before retiring to the scratcher,,,,,,,
Thats it for today.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )