Sailing around the World ( Presently in Darwin )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 1 Sep 2010 01:35
SUNDAY    29th   AUGUST    2010
Kakadu  National Park.
Skipper and Aileen have an early day again,  Today, we are off to " Nourlangie Rock "  followed by a visit to " Katherines Gorge "
08.00hrs,  we said goodbye to the crocodile Hotel and off with us in the 4X4.   Nourlangie Rock is an amazing place, again like
yesterday, it is full of Aboriginal Art work on the rocks and cliffs.
Much of the film " Crockadile Dundee " was shot in this area, needless to mention, tourism mushroomed for the next few years
as a result of the film.
The weather was very hot, but not as humid as it has been since we arrived.  We had a good cooling breeze on top of the Rock
and  the views were fantastic as far as the eye could see, out over the mostly green flood plains....  .
12.00hrs  we were back in the Toyoto land cruiser and off to " Pine Creek " for lunch at Mayse's restaurant .. our lunche orders had been emailed ahead, so on arrival all our food was ready and waiting for us,
13.30hrs, suitable stuffed, we all motored off again to " Katherine Gorge "
The katherine River runs partly through massive sandstone cliff's and were a spectacilur sight to see. In the monsoon season, the water level raises
about 15 Metres about its normal level. hence the need for the massive flood plains. and of course the whole area looks totally different,
During the monsoons, the Salt water Croc's can access all these area's , so danger lurks at every corner,,and us , little human people
are very tasty food for these reptiles. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the thought of being gobbled up alive,,,,,,  ahhhhhhh !
We were taken up through the Gorge by river boat, stopping at all the different caves to examine the various " bats " and other
flying creatures. We were spell bound at the sheer scale of the place... Sandstone cliff hundreds of feet towering above us on each side.
Later, on our wat back, we were treated to a river cruise dinner, starting off with champaigne, and tasty starters,  this was followed by a choice of Lamb or Chicken or fish, and all in all it was very good,  of course the setting was mindboggling.
and to top it all off, our waitress " Sharon Crowley " hails from Midleton , Cork , Ireland,  just about 15 miles from our house at home,
And whats more, she was the chef at our favourate restaurant in Midleton called " The Farm Gate "
The " Farm Gate " ( Owned and operated by Marog and her daughter ) is almost bohemian in style, with flag stones on the floor
and tin shed roof's , but a beautifull grand piano in the corner and magnificant sculptures scattered here and there,  
BUT,, that but again, their food is second to none. real wholesum fresh food from east cork, Their Duck is to die for, ( but not today )
Small World.   and getting smaller as we go west.  Like this river boat serving our dinner was in the middle of nowhere... at least
600km from Darwin.  and we have to meet a doll from home.
Later we returned to another hotel, not as good as the Crocodile hotel, but none the less, it was comfortable. It was much
more like an american Motel, with seperate blocks of bedrooms away from the reception and dining area's ... Interesting thing,
all the hotels had tennis courts, Who in their right minds would play tennis in this heat,  And we are in the cool dry season !
22.00hrs,  Whacked out from sitting on our arses for long periods of time in the 4X4 , we hit the scratcher early.
Thats it for today,
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )