Sailing around the World . ( presently in Mauritius )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 19 Oct 2010 06:02
MONDAY     18 th   OCTOBER    2010
06.00hrs   Aileen got up early and took off to Mass,  Most likely praying for skippers recovery,
Skipper is still feeling sore, well aware of all the poking the doctor did inside his lower right hand side to remove the stone.
He is also still popping the pills for pain and inflamation,
Neil got up, full of the joys of life , as he was off to do his PADDI course. he was joined in this venture by Richie ( from Derry ) and
his girlfriend " Charlie "   Richie is the Skipper on " Grand Filou" the Shipman 63,
The weather was definatly after taking a turn for the worst,  RAIN, it started to rain, and we have a load of washing hanging along the side of the boat
out to dry,,   Murphy's law, As soon as it is put out, it starts to rain,,  However, we have not seen very much rain since we arrived, so we
will not complain today.
Aileen and skipper walked down town to sort out her phone, Aileen lost her pin no. and so we rambled off to the telecom bldg. where Aileeen
met one of the girls and got the whole thing sorted. Skipper was amazed that they would be able to track back through the records to find this
lost pin no. but they did and herself was soooooo happy.
from there we walked down to the Post Office and posted all our cards, and then strolled back to the boat, where we met Terry and Collette, who had
just got up out of the Scratcher and were having breakfast in the cockpit.
Skipper and Terry took off in the car to the Chandlery in an effort to replace some of our bits, ie, bulbs for the engine clocks, and bulbs for the compass,
plus a 12v pump for the refridgeration plus sigaflex, but the only thing they had was the pump.
We toured some other hardware stores, but found nothing of use. so we returned to the boat,  The girls were missing, so whats new !
14.00hrs,  As we were entertaining Philippe and his wife Ingrid for dinner tonight, we decided to go to one of the new monster supermarkets
for food,  As mentioned previously, Philippe is the manager of the " Waterfront Complex" and was also the developer,
The supermarket complex was new and located about 10k south of Port Louis,
The whole area around the supermarket was being developed at a great rate, ( Called " Cyber City " ) Office buildings and shops everywhere, a frenzy , just like Ireland was 5 years ago, and the thing is there were very few people in the supermarket................and a buisness like this needs lots of people to survive.
The supermarket was called " JUMBO'S "  and had an extensive range of goods and food,
We spent a good 2 hours wandering around the place before returning to the boat.
Skipper set about preparing dinner , while the rest had a couple of beers to relax.
Tonights food :-   Starters.................... Prawn salad, with salmon, prawns, egg, grapes, luttice, toast, and of course the " marie rose " sauce.
                          Maincourse...............Roast leg of Lamb, creamed potatoes, roast potatoes, and mixed veg, of pea's and green beans,
                         Wine's ..................... The best we had. ( we even considered opening the bottle of " Black Tower" we found in an off licence yesterday.
Can you imagine that,  " Black Tower "  It was the ultimate for those who knew nothing about wines when we first started drinking wines back
in the dark ages.  fond memories.
Ingrid has her own buisness , organising trips to other countries as well as aranging accomation and trips for visitors to Mauritius, and she was very
interesting to listen to, She grew up in Rodesia in her younger years, before spending time with her parents in , London, S.A. and mauritius,
perhaps Australia as well.
Meanwhile, Philippe filled us in on the commercial life of Mauritius, his forefathers came to Mauritius back in the 1700's from France, and
he also spent time in france.  All very interesting ,,
We had a very good and interesting evening with our guests, 7 of us in all around the table.
We had a late night, and eventually found our way to the scratchers.   zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
Thats all for now,
Signed  :-    Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )