" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World . ( at present, the Dutch West Indies )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 9 Jan 2010 15:35
FRIDAY 8th January 2010  .....contineud
08.00hrs,  all is well, we are still on our course of 270degrees, both Donal and Kevin had a great night's sleep
               The day went by quickley, with the trade wind pushing us along very nicely. during the day Donal brushed up
               on his SSB radio skills and kept in touch with some of the other yachts . while the rest of us read our books and
               caught up on the nap's.
20.00hrs   We could see " BONAIRE " in the distance while we had our roast lamb dinner, We rolled up the the headsail
               while we ate the food in an effort to stop the rolling, but it really dident work very well, meanwhile, Aileen cooked
               another  " Colette O'Sullivan" loaf of bread for tomorrow's starving crew.
00.00hrs   We arrieved at the marina in " Kralendijk " and tied up with the help of Rebecca, one of the girls on board the large motor yacht
                called " Champaigne Cher " which was moored behind us, another girl on board the same ship "  Glenda "  , both girls were american
                but Glenda lives in France when not at sea . Glenda is very friendly with another Cork Architect called     Kieran Mc Donagh   . small worlk
                and getting smaller as we travell further along the trip
02.00       Having exhausted ourselves talking to the american girls and a very brief look at our surroundings, we hit the bunk's