" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world, ( presently in the Galapagos Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 6 Mar 2010 16:41
07.00hrs, The bunting on the boat had broken, so our flags were flying like threads in the wind,
Meanwhile on shore , S & A were enjoying the luxury of the " Red Mangrove Hotel" while at the same time were listening to Sea Lions
bleating down below on the marina,
09.00hrs The skipper signed some maps at Rally Control ,
10.00hrs, The skipper rejoined the yacht where he met Donal ( fat's) and kevin having a fully blown spat. ohhhh shit !
Mike came on board to see if we could do something with the SSB, but alas, after 2 hours gave up in frustration,
Donal ( Fat's) and Mike fecked off ashore , so Skipper and Kevin were left to put back all the electrical equipment and radio's and
make the inside of " A  Lady" look good again.
13.00hrs  Aileen returned to the boat and we had a light lunch,
The skipper got into the Lazerette to clean it out while Aileen got the Washing machine working flat out again.
The Lazerette, We found broken earth wires under the floor of the lazerette, plus broken milk bottles from the ARC, which
of course was covered in maggots and tiny flies, billions of the things, so this mess took a while to clean up.
We got the boot top cleaned by some locals, and this was not good value,
The Skipper and Kevin did this a few times before and did a much better job . ( of course)
19.00hrs  PRIZE  GIVING.  at the Sul Y Mar Hoyel, On the way there , the skipper met " Susanne" from the World Cruising Club, walking along the path
and she was looking radient,
Skipper said,  " Hi Susanne, You look really sexy in that outfit "  which she did.
20 minutes later, Susanne was at the prizegiving in a completly diferent outfit.........Opppps , Was she offended, We will never know !
" A  Lady" collected a couple of prizes for the leg from Equador to the Galapagos, plus some interesting comments
about our ability to arrieve at the finish line within 9 seconds of our previously given ETA.
Following Dinner, A & S went to bed in the hotel, while Donal ( Fats ) and Kevin retired to A Lady.
Pissing rain again, God , it rains more here than at home, and that says something.
The Skipper still has trouble with his right shoulder.
Signed : Stephen Hyde,  ( skipper)