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Stephen Hyde
Sun 16 Aug 2009 09:22
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monday 4th august
crew :- Steephen, Aileen, Sarah, and Arnaud
monday continued to be a beautifull day, light westerly breeze behind us and after a light breckfast, each one got time to catch up on lost sleep overnight.
we kept the engine running at 1800 rev's and mantained a speed of 8.5 knots.
Dolphins were very plentyfull , all day they kept comming and going, with Sarah and Arnaud busy trying to capture them on camera.
We stopped the boat  in mid afternoon while Sarah went for a swim in the sea, The colour of the water was almost a prussian blue.
we have her on camera,for the future children to look at some day.
dinner was at 20.00 hours, and consisted of pasta with cheese, mixed with chunks  of cabbage, and spiced beef,, mmmmm it was ok.
no medels for all the boss's efforts. (cant get everything right).. no drink. apart from water , tea and coffee
night shift, or watches as they are called at sea, consisted of Aileen and Arnaud doing 22.00 hrs to 02.00 tuesday morning and Stephen and Sarah
taking over then till 05.00 ( called the dead mans watch). it got very dark around 04.00 and Sarah seemed concerned,you know the way some people get concerned at different things,---------- I recall the time Terry o Sullivan and myself were 5 miles off helvic head one night on our way down from dublin. Terry was very concerned about the coast,even though we were well out to sea, to express his concern, he says to me . " Stephen, Can you see the woman in the window over there, well she is waving at us" feck , 5 miles  " I think we should tack" poor Terry was nervous, but afraid to say so.
I think poor Sarah thought a monster was going to rise up out of the sea and gobble us up for breckfast, or a ship might run us down, even though we could see 12 miles on the radar.
Tuesday 5th August
crew:- Stephen, Aileen, Sarah, and Arnaud.
weather , cloudy with a light west wind, and light to moderate sea.
the day started with a light breckfast , and then arnaud and stephen put the fishing rod and tackle together and tried our luck, we lost the bait after a short while , so the rod was parked in its holder for the rest of the day. we then set about washing down all the salt off the superstructure with the fresh water hose from the bow locker. this was followed with some R and R and some sleep recovery, the weather did not recover, but it was very warm and we all took full advantage of that.
Lunch consisted of cheese and crackers, with ham and crisps thrown in, plus a light beer, yum yum.
more lying on deck while the desalination plant made some fresh water,
Stephen and Sarah went for a swim in the afternoon and that was really refreshing, amazing, the water was not cold. and at times we thought we were the dolphins
Later , Arnaud spent time showing Stephen how to be more efficient with the computer, ie,  how to deal with all the different weather forcasting
sites, using the contacts or address book, how to deal with photographs, now that was enough for one day..
In all of this , it has to be said that Aileen has taken to the whole thing, like a duck to water. and this part of the trip especially, as the weather and seas are so user friendly.
back to night shift's. tonight Stephen are on watch till 02.00 wed morning, followed by Aileen and Arnaud untill 05.00 hrs
we passed the half way mark at 04.30hrs.