A Lady trip , Canaries

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 17 Oct 2009 11:07
MONDAY 12th October 2009
We woke up to lots of activity around the place, The  G.P.42 world championships are on here this week, plus a big regatta next
weekend, so we have plenty of ear shattering music all day and almost all night, great for the weeney boppers and the oldies ,who still
think they can do it all day and all night. They should remember the song " It takes him all night to do ,what he did all night "  a long
time ago,, Isint that just great for the morale... UP MUNSTER
Denis and Vera went up town and bought a lovely bottle of Champaigne ( moet and chandon ) plus a cooler for the boat.
Later they got a taxi to the airport for a flight back to Cork, having had a great 2 weeks on the boat, like all our other guests, they were great company.
We had a visit from the assistant Harbour Master " Mel "   ( Melody )  english, you know.. anyway she was very helpfull
and even organised our heavy laundry. Later we had dinner ashore in a pizza place. Stephen loves , Aileen no thanks, not enough silver spoons
around the place.
Early bunk  prrrrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrr
TUESDAY 13th October
A slow day, just slow, A. went up to the shops and S. did some boat therapy, Later we had a lovely lunch in the " Amura " restaurant, now 
this place has plenty of silver spoons , and A. feels right at home, Mind you it was just bloody marvoulas.. ( got that word wrong, or it dosent look right)
15.00 We had electricians look over the boat as S. is worried about the " crackling " sound comming from the hull.
After much looking and listning we decided it was not marine activity outside, ( sounds like static electricity )  S, suggested itmight be the annodes
and Hugh Gibson agreed that it was a possability, but never heard of the crackling noises before.
S, decided to go over the side with the goggles on and take a look at the annodes, sure enough ,the noise was just as audable under water as
it was in the boat. there were still annodes in place, but fairly worn after 6 months. the prop was definatly a funny colour around the edges. but
no solutions from anyone. It might be activity between the marina and   A Lady  , Hugh thinks this could be the case.
Must listen for this the next time we anchor.  we even turned off all the boats electrics and shore power, but no difference. feck feck.
We had dinner again in the " Amura " restaurant. It seems that the King and Queen of Spain eat here, when visiting the Island
Early night cap and bunk............................prrrrrr, prrrrrrrrrrrr,