" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the world and avoiding the recession, ( presently in Panama City)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 1 Feb 2010 22:04
SUNDAY 31st January 2010
Crew  :- Stephen Hyde , Aileen Hyde, Donal MC Clement, Kevin Dwyer, Grattan Roberts, & Richard Roberts.
07.00hrs Aileen & Stephen awoke and appeared to an empty marina,
We went to the Yacht Club and got a taxi to " San Jose"  church in the old town, ( the one with the gold Alter) for 09.00 Mass.
LATER<  We walked around the Old Town again while Donal and Kevin went off to an Air Show, (hoping to see BIGGLES again)
How Who remembers BIGGLES,, .......He was a crack ace pilot with the R.A.F. and flew a Spitfire, The fictional Biggles was a hero
when we were Kids. If you hadent read Biggles, Then you were nothing...... Do you remember him !.
Meanwhile, back at the boat, Grattan put his feet up hoping the rest would do them good, swollen ancles and blisters do not sound well.
Too much heat or something!  Richard went off and watched Man. United v Arsonel.  ( M U won the match 4/1)
To think we can still see all these things down here , so far away from home, makes you wonder, Indeed wonder,
The Skipper recalls " the old Man "  John Hyde taking part in the OCEAN race at home,      The race was Crosshaven to Kinsale.. 20 miles or so.
That was a major undertaking at the time (  1940's) and big boats were 40feet max, and everything leaked like baskets.
Today, 20 miles is a short trip, A place to go to for lunch, or stop off and say hello to a friend.
Since May last year, we have sailed the GUTS of 6000 miles, and it seems like it was a dawdle.
To think we could be sitting at home bored out of our trollies, or worse still sitting in front of the goggle box going nowhere,with our feet in the fire..
But it does take a bit of an effort to get up and go, as we did , and here we are now,
 half way round the world and enjoying every minute of it all.
We went to the " Multi Plaza" Shopping Center, A super place, ( We will have to buy Clayton a ticket to come look the place over for a few ideas)
The security is very obvious, Lots of little fellows in brown uniforms with guns bigger than themselves walking around the place like children an a smarty party.  Mind you I would not try stealing their "smarties". The result might be noisy.
LATER , we returned to find the rest of the" gang of six" sitting in the cockpit cooling off out of the serious heat.
Then that lot went off for dinner , as Aileen and the Skipper already had lunch at the shopping center so they did the blog and some washing
in a relaxed atmosphere, and with the A/C running to cool things down
Later again , When the others returned we had a few glasses of wine and a laugh about the blog and the " BUS PARTY"
then the bunks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Signed,  Stephen Hyde. Skipper