Cruising the Caribbean

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 23 May 2011 11:57
Ohh, what a beautifull morning for a change, 
The weather yesterday was also beautifull, so after mass, we went to jolly harbour , which is north of here and on the west coast,
its a relativly new development with a huge marina , boat yard, and alll the facilities needed by sailors,
and of course its surrounded with a commercial development and approx. 300 residential units,
We had a good lunch there and then went for a swim at their wonderfull sandy beach, this is very definatly the best beach
we have seen in a long time.
To recap on last week, Last Tuesday 17th we brought " A Lady " around to Falmouth harbour again and tied along side the marina,
at " Antigua Y.C. Marina " surrounded by megga yachts,  ohhh, we looked so small.  poor A lady.
We flew out to Barbados at 19.00hrs and on arrival discovered no waiting taxi or hotel that we paid " Wings Couriers " to
provide for us on arrival , well blow them all, so after much fussing around,  we eventually got to stay in the " Bougainville Hotel" on
the waterfront a few miles from the airport and it was very good and reasonable for Barbados, so we remained there for the few days.
Wednesday 18th  , we arrived at the US embassy around 07.15 hrs to find a huge que at the Visa dept. an hour later we were inside
and around 11.00 hrs we had a short interview and approved for our special visas to enter U.S.A. on " A Lady"
But, But, bleedin but, but , Skippers passport was full and no room to attach the visa, Aileen got hers , but skipper was told
" Get extra pages or a new passport, "  Gawd what now, getting a new passport ,oohhhh the hastle, Wheres the dog.
We spent Thursday , Friday & Saturday touring around Barbados, we had lunch in " Sandy lane" on the thursday and it was
nothing great, plus we felt almost unwelcome, where as on Friday we went to the " Crane Resort" one of the islands oldest resorts
on the east coast and it was welcomming , friendly and so much more busy than Sandy lane. we had a light lunch
as Aileen was suffering from stomach troubles. but we really enjoyed the place, and if we ever return to Barbados,
this is where we will stay.
Barbados is so different to the other Caribbean Islands, its very commercial, and also cosmopolitan , The island seems crowded
in comparrison the the other islands, but they all have one thing in common, little or no direction signs,
Finding our way around in the tiny little rent a car was a nightmare, but we always seemed to get to our destination eventually,
We enjoyed the old plantation houses and tea rooms, some of which were in remarkable condition,
back to the Visa's, The Irish embassy in Washington were great, and agreed to prepare a new passport for Skipper , send it
to The American embassy in Barbados and they in turn will forward it to us in Bermuda, We will have to spend a few extra days in
Bermuda, but we could be in worse places, so hopefully, it will all work out fine in the end,
Well, that all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )