A lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 13 Jul 2009 14:36
I am today going to bring this blog up to date.
when we departed muros , we sailed south to pobra do  carminal.A beautifull ria,the weather was beautifull and we got some brilliant photographs.
Before we dropped anchor Rom and Dennis spent two hours trying to fix the wind clock while Stephen kept the boat  going round in circles. we nearly went round the bend ourselves and still could not the instrument working.( this was fixed twice by dummast but never worked since. useless bunch of flowers)
We had a Rom special for dinner on board and had a few beers ashore later.
We noticed that family life here, is very united . parents and kids all out playing in the square late at night.
We also noticed that the spaniards suffer boy racers too.
Friday morning we sailed again south to a beautifull island called Islas Cies, a distance of about 30 miles. it was just like a treasure island.
magnificent golden beaches with wooded mountains behind. there were 3 other irish boats there also. including sham riordan, whose
son's wedding we we attending the following friday in glandore.
We all went ashore and walked up to the lighthouse on the top of the mountain, a total distance of 8 km.
We had yet another Rom special dinner on board friday night before retiring to bed..
4/07/09 Saturtay morning we sailed the 10 miles to Bayona marina. fuelled up the boat with diesel and water, we met a
number of irish people including, Derry Hicks, colin hayes and others.
Stephen an aileen left for the airport at 2pm to fly back to ireland .
7/07/09 Denis departed A lady for Ireland.
9/07/09 Dermot Lovett, Ann and Pat Lyons joined A Lady and the following day stocked the boat with tons of food.
11/07/09 Stephen and Aileen rejoined the boat again, about 10 pm. we all ate ashore in one of the thousands of restaurants
located close to the marina.talk of marina's , there must be a marina every 10 miles of coast. a cruising mecca.
12/07/09 Sunday morning, we departed Bayona at 07.00 hrs with a S.E breeze. a cloudy day by enlarge,
the wind went fine on the stb. bow about midday, so we motor sailed  for the rest of the day. food was of the light variety, so we could
get used to the motion of the boat again. we covered 200 miles in the first 24hrs
13/07/09 beautifull day, wind gone into the west more than we hoped, so had to bear off south to keep sailing at a reasonable speed