" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World and avoiding the shite at home, ( presently sailing the pacific , south towards Equidor)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 9 Feb 2010 04:51
MONDAY  8th February 2010
01.00hrs, The skipper takes over watch from Fats and Aileen,
there are some yachts showing up on the radar off to our port side, and one to starboard,
They stay most of the night with us, obviously travelling at nearly the same speed as ourselves,
03.00hrs The wind increases to about 16 / 17 knots, still light enough so we continue motor sailing with just the Mainsail in operation.
The sea state is still fairly flat, which is just great, as we had so much big bloody seas in the Atlantic that we could have filled two buckets
with vomit from some of our poor passangers. yuch !
05.20hrs Kevin relieved the skipper on watch, The stars were still dancing in the sky and the " Milky Way" looks as good as ever down here,
We are just about 250miles north of the equator and we have a bottle of Champaigne specially retained for that crossing.
08.00hrs, the wind had increased further to 22 knots , so we shut down the engine and sailed along merrily at 8 knots,
               Oh !  we havent seen this before, A squid on the deck, we get lots of flying fish, but a " squid"  thats a first for us.
10.00hrs  We set up a goosewing as the wind goes further behind and has increased to 26knots, now we are scooting along at 9 knots.
however, the sky is clouding over and the seas are building, still nothing serious.
Rain drops start appearing.
13.00hrs  The wind shifts 60 degrees and there are some very menacing clouds on the horizon, Bloody hell, is this one of those Squalls
we have heard about so often down here, Beads of sweat appear on " Fat's" forehead, But in the end it just turned out to be rain,
and lots of it, for the next three hours it pissed out of the heavens, still it washed the sails and got rid of all the salt.
14.00hrs  We started the genny and turned on the watermaker, Ohhhhh shit , a leak, this time caused by the skippers work on
the unit yesterday, blast the feckin thing, we will have to take it apart again when the sea gets flatter,
However its not serious,
we had a light lunch and " Fats" then vanished for his Siesta , We notice that Kevin spends a lot of time in his cabin recently,
Roumer has it that he is busy writing love letters to Fei and is going to put them in a bottle , complete with address , to be chucked overboard
in the event of " A  LADY " going under, or we get done in by   PIRATES..
It rained all afternoon, we have not seen this amount of rain since last May.
We are all now becomming real book worms, even sharing books, how about that,
Actually there is a system of sharing or swopping books between all the yachts on the trip.
18.00 The Skipper put on the Dinner, Simple today as its kinda rough. Chicken drumsticks, Creamed spuds, and baked beans. yum yum.
We ate in the cockpit and K just had a small portion as a precaution against the other thing,
21.00hrs The Skipper took the first watch  21.00hrs  to  00.00hrs
              Kevin  will take the second watch  00.00hrs  to    04.00hrs
              Donal and Aileen.......................04.00hrs    to    08.00hrs
good night for now.
Signed, Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )