" A Lady Trip " The A.R.C. crossing and avoiding the recession at home

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 26 Nov 2009 19:26
WEDNESDAY 25th Nov 2009
We seemed to be making good progress and late in the afternoon we found a flying fish on the deck.
There are 11 Oyster Yachts taking part in the event,  4 no. oyster 56's of which A Lady is one.
We goosewinged all night and took turns in watches, we certainly pulled away from the oyster 56 that was only 2miles away from us at 8pm.
Mark and john cookeed a sort of chicken a la king and it was very tasty, later we watched  R.T.E.'s  " ireland's grand slam "
Then nurse Jenny tended to the skippers burnt fingers and most went to bed.
Thursday morning, the wind died down so we flew the KITE and folded up the rest of the sails, this turned out to be a mistake later as our speed dropped off big time, so we rolled out the main again with the KITE and our speed improoved by 1.5knts
 Mark caugth a fish on the boat rod , but alas it got away, to be caught another day.
The skipper prepared a Korean goolash for dinner tonight, and we all changed our watches one hour. Thats it for today,
Stephen Hyde  Skipper