" A LADY TRIP" SAILING AROUND THE WORLD ( presently sailing from the Dutch West Indies to the San Blas Islands)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 15 Jan 2010 12:12
THURSDAY 14th January  ( continued)
The day continued with a strong breeze behind and reasonable sea's
We continued to read and nap while the boat sailed herself, Modern technology is wonderfull. the fact that we can
go into our little monitor on deck and  zoom into places 2000 miles away and the unit will give us a course to sail to that point.
we can even look into marina's and check their layout at that distance and more.
Later we had Lasagna for dinner and this was followed by the night watches,
Aileen ans Stephen did the watch till 23.00hrs
Stephen and Kevin did the watch till 03.00hrs
Donal took the wathc from 03.00hrs to 07.00 when we all got up again,
The wind blew hard all night, we even took in 2 reef's in the Mainsail and 2 reef's in the headsail,
At times the wind got up to 42 knots and even with the small amount of sail, we were scooting along at 12.5 knots down the waves.
We also had some very heavy showers during the night.