Messing about having sailed around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 9 Jun 2011 14:31
Progress is being made, we had an email from the US embassy in Barbados yesterday to say that the B1 visa for skipper
was on its way to Bermuda by Fed Ex, Its all that works, then we will be able to leave here on Saturday ( 2 days time )
and head for NY, about 11 days behind schedule,
We had a great few days here, we travelled to Hamilton by bus one day and ferry another day, the whole Island is just 20 miles
long, but it takes abour 2 hours to drive it all, weather thats in a bus or a car or moped, One cannot hire a car
on this Island, not unless you own a property here, its a good way of keeping the amount of traffic on the roads to a minimum,
We paid a visit to the " Dock Yard ", this was the British base for their caribbean fleet a long time ago,and is huge and very Impressive,
well, its impressive with what is being restored, a bit like the redundent forts at home and all around the World, but the locals (obviously
with Government support as they own the Fort ) have developed the place into a major tourist attraction. including a great mueseum
with all the history of sailing , sailors, pirates, yacht races etc, etc,   just facinating, not to mention the boat repair
facilities, Cruise liner docks, marinas for boats, enclosed lakes or ponds with dolphins, restaurants, pottery making shops,
cimema's. Pubs, conferance facilities, and ferry berths for connecting to Hamilton ( capitol ) and St Georges,
Whats most interesting is the way in which they have built amazing stories out of little or nothing,and if one looks at what
Ireland has to offer , one example is " Camden Fort " Thats where the first " torpeedo " was tested, just think of the storey
one could make of that, or the " Titanic" her last place to call before sinking was Cobh, here they would have made
an entire mueseum of that storey. 
The weather is still very good,  we had a few glass's of wine in the " Royal Bermuda Y.C. " yesterday with
some of the members before returning to the boat with our new " Bermuda shorts "  real fancy shorts and great value,
especially on this lovely Island where everything seems expensive enough.
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )