Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 6 Feb 2011 11:00
Aileen took off on a bus tour of Salvador, meanwhile skipper met " Marcelo" and paid the man for sorting out the steering
on the rib, The push bar on the enginge itself never had any grease nipples from the day it was bought at the " South Hampton "
boat show, and the whole thing had siezed up.  Anyway, he did a great job, but really, we will only know this in a couple of months
time,  We also looked at replacing the " Gel" batteries, This will not be easy here in Brazil. Not the 6v , 130 ah ones we on board.
Later, skipper tried brushing up on his computer skills with the laptop , brought it to the internet office a hundred meters
away on the marina, next to the World ARC office,    Ohhhhhh , he is not good at this,
later, another tour on the rib, this time south, So different to  yesterday, all posh high rise buildings and hotels , many with their own
cable cars down to the waters edge where they had jetty's and pontoons to serve the vast array of motor launches around here.
Interesting, on that subject, there are floating fuel docks everywhere you go, so running out of fuel and being blown out to sea are remote.
The beaches were crammed with orange seats and brollies.not to mention the millions of locals enjoying the sea water,
The music coul;d be heard miles away,
A visit to the Bahai Marina had to be done, this is a newer marania than the one we are on, but that bit further out of town,
However it does have some services there plus 6 or 7 fine restaurants, and is full of speed boats , from the small to the big
and vulgar fuel guzzelers,, there were also a good collection af large racing yachts, all well maintained, and of course a number
of large timber sailing schooners, again all well maintained.
Later, Aileen returned and described the Churches and hotes she visited on her journey, they sounded great, and will have to be
revisited tomorrow , Sunday....
Once it got dark , we toddled off to the lift , went up to the higher level and had another great meal
grab this,   A fillet Steak with chocklet sauce, and it tasted very different, plus an small helping of mashed potatoes, no veg.
The cost of wine in this restaurant was astronomical, so skipper abstained for once, and had a gin and tonic. just one.
On returning to the boat, we watched another DVD before hitting the scratchers,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )
Ps  ...... Today , many of the fleet arrived, all safe and sound,  They were Voyaguer, Tzicany, Tucanon, Arianne,  so now there
are 12 of the boats here ..  the present fleet has 18 / 19 boats