"A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World ( presently in the Marquesses Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 26 Mar 2010 19:59
Thursday  25th  March  2010
07.00hrs, Another beautifull day in paradise, sun shining and anchored in a beautifull bay, with a light breeze to keep us cool.
Fats and Skipper got into the water again and finished off the cleaning and scrubbing of the hull.
The Generator is causing problems again, this time is cutting out, particularly under load, Oh feck, what next !
Puttind the ducks in order, we decided to fill the boat with water, ( 1 ton,   or 1040 litres )  of fresh water, as our watermaker is down
and we are waiting for the spare parts to be flown out from the U.K.
To do this, we tied the rib onto our stern anchor ( a big Fortress) and over to the quay wall with us, We dropped the anchor and reversed the boat into the quay, as the quay was very high and with a big surge running, there was no way we could lie alongside.
When our tanks were full and we had washed down the boat, we went back to our spot, untied the rib and went to haul the stern anchor,
Fats gave the skipper plenty of ribbing over the fact he could not pull up the fortress by hand, so he , himself tried and also failed ,, he,he he,
So he put it onto the primary winch and pushed the button,,
BANG   Bang bang. Snap went the wharp and good bye anchor,  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit
It must be stuck in something, we will just have to get a diver to go look for it,
So in the meantime we borrowed a spare " fortress Anchor " from Crazy Horse. and used that as our stern anchor.
We had lunch in the Pearl Hotel, and the skipper tried to get the laptop working, but failed,
It would connect to the service provider, but just would not ask for the passwords, etc. so feck that, and we cant get our mobiles working here either.
We are nearly cut off again from the outside world, except for the boats email system.
We asked David and Sue, from Vuoyager to have dinner with us tonight on " A  LADY "
Fats went for his afternoon nap, while A & S went for a tour of the Island,
We were so impressed, even the corkscrew roads would make the ones at home look like straight roads.
There are Bantham Cocks and hens everywhere, All along the roads and gardens, they are everywhere,
even begging on the patio's in the hotels , like cats and sparrows we see at home.
19.00hrs David and Sue joined us on board " A Lady " for dinner, ( prepared by Fats )
dinner consisted of roast chicken, Rashers, Mash, and carrotts, followed with ice cream and peaches
Ohh dont forget the gravey.
We had a lovely evening , As the guests are scottish, we had to get out the photo's of " Cruachan" and show her off..
23.30hrs Our guests departed and we ritired to the scratchers,
thats it for today;
Signed  :- Stephen Hyde     ( Skipper )