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A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 26 Oct 2009 07:40
SATURDAY 24th October 2009
Slow morning, S.H. was definatly in slow gear, A.H. was fine, she doesent drink, so she is firing on all cylinders, Anyway ,Aileen has a hair
appointment in Playa Blanca at 10 o clock. Stephen drove her to town and then filled up the Volvo with petrol,  WOW ! only 36 euro's,
petrol here is only 77 cent's a litre.it makes driving very economical.
Meanwhile , back to the boat and repaired the broken Davitt, this is very important as travelling anywhere and towing the tender behind is not an option.
All this took a few hours, especially as we forgot to thread the weights on the wire before starting, and had to do it all over again. shit.!
Anyway, lets look at it this way,  
WHATS TIME !  ..............what ever it is, we have loads of it, we can take all day  ( and tomorrow if necessary ) to do whatever needs to be done,
and this in itself takes takes a bit of getting used to..
Later on, S.H. checked out the local diving center. there is an existing set of diving gear on the boat, but very small and looks in poor shape.
It seems a good idea to have a small pack on board , just in case we need to go under the boat to free the prop, or check the annodes, or indeed change the annodes, or recover something dropped overboard by mistake. ( which has been done a couple of times so far on the trip ) .
Anyway we got a price for replacing the lot, a 7 litre tank, the breathing thing and pressure guage, flippers, straps and back pack, and a lesson for 600 euros.  We will decide on monday, whats the rush, ............ Anyway the boat is being lifted out on monday to be cleaned down and have the 
annodes changed , ALL  FOR  301 euro's
Later , S.H joined A.H. on the beach and did some serious swimming exercise, meanwhile the roast shoulder of Lamb was cooking on the boat and we had a great meal that evening, we listened to some music, and then off to the super bunk,,  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
SUNDAY 25th October 2009
We got up early for Mass, but too bloody early as we we were not aware the colck was changing.
So having walked 1.5 miles, we decided on a cup of coffee.
We met this Norweegan man ( I would say in his late 70's )   He has a flat in Playa Blanca for the last 22 years , He spends 8 weeks there before christmas, and 8 weeks after Christmass, Christmass is spent with the kids and granchildren in Norway.
What made this lovely man so interesting was, He pointed to a swastica on the indian restaurant across the road and said that HITLER
robbed the Swastica from INDIA and then set about designing his own flag himself. I never knew that, Did you !
Of course we all know that Hitler started his days as an artist, ( But failed miserably )
Having said the prayers, we stopped off for an english breckfast in the " Cafe Paris " on our way back to the boat,
S.H. spent most of the day cleaning and sorting out the boat while Aileen went to the pool, where Stephen joined her later for some
swimming. The broken nut on the SEA FRESH primary pump was fixed before we went ashore for a meal,
Later , back on board, Aileen kept the washing machine on board working overtime and ironing at the same time and Stephen worked
on the Blog,  ( this is a very soffisticated bit of boat. )
Tomorrow Paul, Christine, Emily, and Rachel arrive in Playa Blanca, for a weeks holiday.