Spain ahead...

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 27 Jun 2009 00:18
A Lady left Ireland over 48 hours ago, has now covered a distance of approximately 431 NM, more or less 800 kilometres in the Atlantic Ocean. She is now in close range from the north coast of Spain. Position reported at 23:45 GMT Speed: 16.622 km/h Course: 194° Lat: 44:39.85N Lon: 8:28.89W - Skipper reporting wind 18 - 20 Knots in his last bulletin at 19:19 GMT.
Today around 18:00 A Lady passed near U955, Sank on 7 June, 1944 in the Bay of Biscay north of Cape Ortegal, Spain, in position 45.13N, 08.30W by depth charges from a British Sunderland aircraft (Sqdn 201/S). 

At the time writing those lines a depression is forming in the Atlantic 650 NM west from the last position reported by Stephen and his crew who are expecting to be in La Coruna at 8 am Saturday morning.

To be continued

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