Sea Vagrents

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 27 Apr 2012 12:30
FRIDAY  27th APRIL  2012,
Yesterday, we sailed with the headsail only upwind from " Deadmans Bay " to Cooper Island where
we picked up a mooring ball outside the Beach Resort,
The place had at least 45 sail boats of one kind or another moored in the a couple of motor launches,
The weather was glorious and the sea was full of bodies with bronze tans and tiny Bikini's
Aileeen, Vera & Denis went ashore to the beach for some swimming while skipper went to " Cistern Rock"
for some snorkling, Its wonderfullto glide out over the rocks and boulders and suddenly find one is floating
out over a 200 foot drop in deep blue water with thousands of fish gently swishing back and forth with the currents,
yesterday we saw some huge Sting Rays, Barricuda, amond all the other sea dwellers,
Later we returned to the boat, showered , dolled ourselfs up and went to the beach club for some " Pain Killers"
( a kind of Rum Cocktail ) a cpuple of these and there is no pain..........
Talking about pain,,  Denis remarked to Skipper at the beach club, " Stephen, you dont seem to be limping anymore"
 Thats true, " I do not have a problem with my hip anymore" replied Skipper, The interesting thing here is that skipper
not only had a painfull problem with his hip when walking , but the pain moved around his right hip at night in bed,
especially when lying on his left side.
The medical advice was " A new hip " would be necessary when you come home,  ohhh my god, what a dose ,
This problem went on for a couple of years, sometimes skipper would take powerfull painkillers ( not the alcohol type )
to kill the pain, which seemed to be more acute at times,
Then in 2010 when we were in Maritius, ( all this is well documented in the Blog at the time ) had to have
an operation after he collapsed with the pain from a " Kidney Stone "
However, however, however,  Skipper has never had a limp again and the pain in the hip has never returned,
Sooooo much for medical advice,   A new Hip,  ha,ha, could you imagine ,  
Later we returned to " A lady and skipper cooked dinner consisting of Pork crocquets, chineese sausages, prawns,
with rice and noodles, all in a spaghetti sauce, plus a couple of " A Lady Gin specials "
Interesting day......... new hips and all that.......
Signed  :-  Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )