Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 14 Mar 2011 05:31
SUNDAY  13th MARCH  2011
Around midnight , we had a mixed bag of good sailing and not so good,
However around 04.30hrs, the wind died to 4 knots , so we got the engine up and running again,
09.00hrs, Radio Call, " Voyaguer " being the net controller today,
Except for Grand Filou, ( we do not know where she is ) we are lead boat, but not by much,
The morning was just tolerable, conditions just ok.
We had more avocado and lobster for lunch, Suzanna skipping lunch today.
The afternoon just got worse , The wind went into the NW, the direction we are going, and the rain came down in bucket loads.
Ohhh the misery of it all, and it went on and on and on, no let up. and to have to listen to the engine working hard to push us through
this head wind of 15 knots, ( of course our grib files indicate a NE wind , which would be great, )
The cockpit was awash, no place to hide, and the spray hood, ( only 4 years old ) is comming apart at the seams, all the stitching
has perished from the sun and salt water. so it leaks like a sive.   Ohhh, what a miserable day.
Aileen spent 2 hours preparing a Chicken and pasta dinner, but unlike the weather, it was too dry, very tasty, but too dry.
When finished with the dinner and wash up, the girls took a nap, while skipper remained in the cockpit of misery.
We did pass a large trawler and our bird returned for the night , this time
roosting on the rib,
the rain eventually died down around 22.00hrs, but the place was sopping wet,
the wind was still blowing out of the NW as we settled down for another night at sea.
Ireland were defeated by Wales in the "six nations cup" yesterday, ( more misery) and England defeated Scotland today,
( even more  misery still )
That all for today
Signed :-. Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )