Sailing around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 21 Jan 2011 05:39
THURSDAY   20th  JANUARY   2011   ( Leah & Nanna's Birthday )
You know how it is sometimes, you meet people and its a few days later when you really remember
the meeting or chat or whatever,
Well, last night at dinner in the Oriental Restaurant , we were joined by Dave and Angie from their yacht called " Hurrah"
They are sailing around the worlds oceans, and at present are exploring the Atlantic Ocean,
Sham & Emily met them on the wanderings around St.Helena , and arranged that we would all go for a meal some night,
The reason for bringing this subject up is we think we are great sailing around the world, but get put into our little box
when we meet people like " Angie" , who sailed a Hilliard yacht over and back across the atlantic in her early 20's on her own,
Thats impressive, and she is such a nice interesting person to boot.
Back to the World ARC, there are still boats arriving today, as we are preparing to leave tonight, having spent the mandatory
72 hours stopover. we stocked up with fresh veg and other bits of food, we can hardly get into the deep freeze again with
so much food in it right now.
The Harbour ( as mentioned previously ) is just a big open bay , with a prominade or Quay wall running all along the
front of Jamestown , the capitol.
There is a permenant swell or surge here at all times, some days it is worse than others, and the only means of going ashore
is on the local water taxi. ( there is no place to land a dingy, or tie alongside )
The landing platform at the northern end of the prominade is constructed in different levels with a big steel frame overhead
which has a dozen 1" ropes with plenty of knots hanging down from it.
The reason for all this is when the ferry / water Taxi comes alongside the landing platform, it is swept backwards
and forwards , plus up and down with the huge swells, (at least a meter or two at all times,)
The passangers have to wait untill the boat is close enough and at the right level to be able to grab one of the ropes and jump ashore
before the taxi dissapears from under your feet..  and the feet usually get wet. it was all great fun
and one had to be quick, otherwise in a split second, you could be in the drink, ohhhhhhhhhhhh.
Later, Sham went ashore and cleared the boats papers in preperation for leaving while skipper changed the oil and filters in the generator
plus replace some broken catches on the lockers, Later, Sham and Emily played " Scrabble" on board " Hurrah " and then there was
the BBQ ashore at the Yacht Club at 6pm local tme,
We only spent a few minutes there saying good bye , as the ferry stopped at 7pm and would not be running again untill the BBQ was
finished. and we were leaving in the meantime.
22.22 hrs ( Cape Town ) we slipped our lines and set sail westwards towards Brazil. there was little or no wind.
" Wild tigress " also left , more or less at the same time.
We really enjoyed our brief stay at this little paradise in the south atlantic.
Thas it for today
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )