Sailing around the World.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 23 Sep 2010 01:00
WEDNESDAY   22nd   SEPTEMBER    2010
It was a wet morning, so we just remained on board and downloaded photo's onto a memory stick
and did some emails and the blog.
We replaced the annodes on the prop. shaft and propellor itself, the existing ones had dissapeared completly.
 and they were new ones put on in Tahiti last April,  They did not last too long.
Skipper enjoyed using his diving gear to do the job,   His 7lb gas bottle is as neat as a pin, but on the other hand will only last 40 mins
underwater at 2 metres..
Later, we checked the rig and skipper tried in vain to refeed the spinniker halyard down through the mast... there was a blockage at the spreaders.
It was a great sight from the top of the mast,  the beautifull colours of the water and all the palm trees on Direction Island.
We spent the rest of the day just pottering around and of course did some swimming offf the boat before eventually going ashore to the Island and spending an hour or so in the water. Terry and skipper did a little exploring of the Island, the east side  where the onshore breeze
comes in, was covered in rubbish, all blown from Indonesia and Bali.  One could start a plastic recycling plant here on its own with all
the plastic bottles and that kind of stuff.
Later we returned to the boat where we decided to have a G & T while the roast chicken was cooking in the oven
Skipper did the Gins, while Terry got out the tonic, 
Terry poured the tonic into the gins, but it looked very flat, and tasted afull,  Cripes! that tonic is gone off,  yeach !!!!
We returned to the cockpit with our yeach drinks and as we discussed the tast, Aileen says casually,  " Oh , by the way, I put water in the big tonic bottle , so dont try that in your gins. "   too late love . already done,  so back to the galley and redo the lot........
The dinner was a rooled and stuffed chicken we got in Darwin, I mentioned these before, and they taste great.
with creamed spuds, roast potatoes, and green peas for colour, the whole thing was yum, yum,
We all had an early night, listening to the strong breeze blowing outside and happily snugged up in our bunks.
Thats all for today,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )