" A LADY TRIP " Around the World ( Presently in the Dutch West Indies )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 12 Jan 2010 22:57
MONDAY  11th January 2010
Up early and Donal went for a big splash and swim,
We got hold of Doyle Sails on the phone ( Rob ) and arranged to have the sail collected in the afternoon.
Donal and Kevin sorted out the halyards up forward while the skipper did the blog and some emails, etc
Donals wardrobe is hillarious, tee shirts going back to the days of " Pyewacket", " Jap "  , Flica , etc
Later we put the rib in the water and explored this magnificant bay.
We went ashore to the " CURACAO YACHT CLUB " as we thought this was very close and a good spot to have the sail collected,
What a land we got, they were very much on the unhelpfull side of things, and basically told us to piss off and take our sail somewhere else.
They were more of a motor boat type club, full of arseholes. who probably think their PISS  IS  PORTWINE..
As the day wore on, we dropped Aileen, ( the ambassadore ) ashore and she got a taxi into "  Williamstad " , the main town on CURACAO.
the rest of us went swimming and polished up the waterline while we were in the water, and scraped off lots of little barnicles on the rudder.
Later we dropped the sail ashore to another club and met the sailmaker " Rob " who promised he would have it ready by early tomorrow.
17.30  The Skipper, Donal and Kevin, joined Aileen in " Williamstad" and went to  " The Govener Restaurant " , overlooking the river.
           It was spectacular, A floating bridge about about 300m long regularly opened and closed while we were there, hinged at one
           end ,it had an engine and prop at the other end, which drove the bridge to open and close.
           Ships and Tankers went by all night and all the pritty little Dutch Houses on the far side of the river helped complete
           a real pritty picture.
23.00  We returned to the boat, had a night cap, and hit the bunk's  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..