" A Lady TRip " Sailing around the World, ( presently in the Galapagos )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 7 Mar 2010 21:15
SATURDAY 6th  March 2010
07.00hrs, Again its a cloudy morning and we are all suffering from migi bites,
Tomorrow we leave the Galapagos Islands, They were a wonderfull experience, The Islands themselves have nothing much to offer
but the wild life and sea life are amazing, plus of course the snortling, or should that be snorkling. 
09.30hrs Back on the boat, the skipper gets into the Lazerette again, to finish off the cleaning and tidying, That real heavy U.K. macWilliam
sail rolled up and tucked the right into the back of the lazarette , could in fact be the missing mainsail which we thought was nicked in the U.K.
We obviously wont find out untill we find a space big enough to open it up. Up to now, we thought this misterious sail was in fact a storm sail.
Facinating how , even now after 3 years we still find things on board the surprise us.
14.00hrs John and Graham (owner/skipper of the S.V. " Eowyn") came over to " A  Lady" to install a small GPS to the boats computer and the charts
they installed yesterday. Unfortunatly the could not get it to work , as our computer drive is an " apple" and it seems their equipment will not work on that.
so we will have to get something sent out from the U K,
However we may be able to get our e120 series working again when we get to Tahiti, ( with a bit of luck)
Later Donal and Skipper went ashore and met Aileen and got our departure papers stamped and cleared for departure,
Kevin is flying out tomorrow , back to join the family in the B.V.I.s so he did not come with us .
Kevin made a large number of friends on the trip among the other participating yachts. He will miss them, as they will miss him.
18.00hrs Donal and skipper went to the Skippers briefing in the hotel. this took about an hour and was well delivered by Paul
from the W.C.C, his assistant " Susanne" was looking radient as usual and really looked after all the little details that bloody Skippers always
seem to want at the last minute...
Aileen went to 19.30 mass while The Skipper took Kevin and Donal to the " RED Mangrove Hotel"  for dinner in their Japaneese restaurant,
A farewell dinner for Kevin,  We were joined by Aileen later,
Would you believe we met a guy and his wife from Dublin,  ( ex Anglo Irish Bank) they were staying in the hotel,and we had a grear laugh,
A great night, and we said our goodbye to Kevin as he was staying ashore and flying out very early in the morning.
Back to the boat and had a little night cap before hitting the scratchers.
Bloody midgits again, the feckers are everywhere.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper)