" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World, ( presently at sea)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 11 Mar 2010 15:07
01.00 hrs We got a message regarding the catamaran " Destiny" It seemed she sent out an sos by mistake and we were the nearest to her.
        It all ended with another message to say " false alarm"
We also got a message to look out for some partially submerged containers on our route,  Just bleedin lovely in the middle of the night.
Cripes, they wouldent half do a lot of damage if we hit one doing 9 knots, we could even sink.
They estimate that there are 1 million of these things floating around the oceans,, bloody hell !
We took in a couple of reefs as the wind was piping up, now at a steady 28knots and we were on a close fetch,
Even at that we were still doing almost 9 knots,
We also had lots of Dolphins and in the black of night they were something else,
Because of the Phospherous, they looked like underwater jet streams mixed with WW 2 torpedos diving up and down around the boat
which was flying along at 9 knots.
We also had lots of showers during the night, and in the morning we had 15 squids and 6 flying fish on deck,
11.00hrs  Skipper and Fats put on the running backstay , as the sea was building............
We also discover that the emails are no longer being sent or recieved on board " A Lady"
We ran out of time, even though we started this trip with 3000 minutes ( and were told by the time by the suppliers we had enough for 3 years)
If it wasent so serious , it would be almost funny,
Talk about buying things, reminds the skipper of buying the steps for the boat, there was a warning that they would only carry a max weight of 200 Lbs
Chrips, will Fats manage this , God, what weight is he anyway ?
Later He assured me that he was well within the limits,!   hmmmmmmmmm ???
12.00 hrs Fats gets on the Radio again for the midday broadcasts to the other boats,
however as we already know, we can only recieve,  Bloody hell , is everything on this lovely boat going to give up working !
So what if we are out of touch with the rest of the world for the next two and a half weeks. ( not the end of the world)
13.oohrs, Aileen did freshly baked bread rolls , with banna and cheese for lunch,
15.00hrs Fats tries the radio again with the same result,
The clouds begin to clear and it might turn out to be a nice day yet.as the wind eased and the sea had that vivid blue colour again.
15.30 hrs  Aileen and Fats took to the bunks for their mid afternoon naps, ( no. not together )
18.30hrs  Aileen cooked dinner , Spaggetti Whatever and it was just lovely,
Night Watches   Aileen ...............  22.00hrs    to 01.00hrs
                        Fats....................01,00hrs     to 04.00hrs
                        Skipper...............04.00hrs      to 08.hrs +++
Signed   Stephen Hyde    ( skipper)