" A Lady Trip" A .R. C. Las Palmas to St Lucia,, Avoiding the recession in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 7 Dec 2009 17:52
DAY 14 ...... continued
Sunday 6th December 2009
09.oo  the weather is still wonderfull, with a syiff breeze blowing us along
11.00 We changed our watches 1 hour,
13.00  We dropped the KITE and checked all ropes and halyards, Again some repair work was necessary,  This thing ( KITE ) eats
ropes as fast as a lizzard would eat ants,
 Oh , Oh, Mark just lost another hugh fish, He is beggining to look like the child that lost his " lolly pop"  poor MARK
15.00  We passed the 100 n miles to the finish
18.00 Still a good breeze, we had a chat with " Akarana" again, She is a swan 47 and never seems to be far away from us.
20.00 Dinner consisted of chicken A LA ........    made and cooked by Jenny, From little or nothing , she did a great job.
         Reminded the skipper of Colette's  " TOTY JOE SPECIAL"
22.00 We dropped the KITE on the advice of our weather guru's,
 ( who saw thunder storms and all sorts of shite ready to suck us into DAVY JONES LOCKER, )
  but it never happened , the wind hardly got over 25 knots at any stage.
24.00  A few scattered showers and we could see AKARANA in the distance.
DAY 15
02.oo  The wind was still light and directly behind , so we were rolling like pigs. with no super KITE to keep us stable.
04.00  Only 20 miles to the finish line, A bright night but it took a while longer before we could see St Lucia and Martineque,
07.33  We crossed the finish line, 1 hour short of 15 days,
         A great finish, We were the first Oyster 56 across the line and 22nd out of 225 boats in the rally to finish, we felt proud.
         We motered into the marina in Rodney Bay and were allicated a very nice berth,
         The place looks completly different to the last time Aileen and the skipper visited this port in a chartered yacht.
09.30 We went ashore to have a breckfast that was not sliding off the table for a change,
          and do all the paperwork.
Over and out for the present.
Stephen Hyde         Skipper