Sailing around the World.....the byproducts...... ( presently moored in Knysna S.A.)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 29 Nov 2010 12:02
07.00hrs, All up and about, Skipper did the usual blog and emails, but just could not get the blinking computer to send
the messages, nothing would work, Sooooo apart from using some heavy engineering .... like hit it with a hammer........ ( which it clearly
does not like ) decided to leave the friggin thing there,   By the time we come back on Sunday night , it surley will have sorted itself
08.30 hrs  Skipper and Mrs H. jumped in the rib and took off to meet Sham and Emily for breakfast at " Il de Pan " on Thesen Island,
The distance was short by rib, and so was the walk to the restaurant.  But, but, the clapboard buildings were lovely
and the walk was welcome early in the morning.
We all had scrambled eggs , smoked bacon, toast, and a few other things thrown in for good measure.
The coffee,s were great, as was the meal,  we chatted about all sorts of things ( as you do at breakfast ) and then Emily explained where
we should go touring in the lovely little Vauxhall 206 they are giving us to use for today and tomorrow.
Destination   "Prince Albert "
We took off in the car and waved boodbye to our NBF's, ( actually skipper knows Sham since we were little fellows on
the boats in Crosser.............)
Having stopped for petrol and get some few bob out of the atm, we merrily made our way west to " George " and then North
through "Oudtshoorn" and ontowards  Prince Albert.  all in all , about 3 hours driving.
The journey was great, We passed some fab beaches on the way to " George " and had to stop for a look and some photo's, then
as we went north from there, we entered some vast rolling plains of semi desert, which had many Ostridge farms, all along the side of the road,
of course we stopped again for more pictures and then off again.
We passed through some absolutly magnificant - red sand stone - gorges , the sheer height and colour was awsome and of course more pic's
we even came across a large troop of monkies , who proudly displayed their instruments of pleasure for us to photograph.
out the far side and again it was all very dry and semi desert, with a sprinkling of cactus plants and scrawney bushes here and there.
There was some magnificant hills and mountains in the background, which we will travel over tomorrow on our return journey.
Occassionly , we came across what would remind us of an " oasis "----- lush growth , trees , green fields, vin yards, and olive groves.
and of course the farm building,
These places look as if they never get bothered by the violance of the city's ... and seem so tranquil.
Meanwhile ,back on the boat, Neil practiced using the generator to charge the batteries and heat the water for having showers,
he met lots of people and sailors in the yacht club later in the day, and generally enjoyed himself.
Its great when we return as he always has loads of local news and gossip. he is like a scooper, scooping up all the local news..
We eventually arrived in "Prince Albert " around 4pm,
First impressions looked good, a big broad main street running North South , lined on both sides with mature "Eucalyptus Trees"
The buildings were generally single story and many were of dutch style with thatched roofs,
The B&B,s looked great and one had " Cead Mile Failte  " written on the bottom af its bill board,
The owner " Mia "  was from Cabra in dublin and after 50 years or so, still had a strong Irish accent. we had a great chat with her,
but she explained that there was a big wedding taking place in the little village and it would be difficult to get  room.
Cripes, thats all we need now , no flippen rooms,    Ahhhh , sure we will get the " Blarney " out again , give it a polish
and see where we go....... and it worked... we got a room in the hotel reserved for specials,  so we made ourselves special.........
and woffled our way in .
Aileeen had afternoon tea with a monsterous piece of chocklate cake, while skipper toured the area on foot, and of course found a pub called " The Bush Bar " on the eastern
 fringes of the village,  Gawd,! the place was big and it was mobbed, All these guys dressed in black and it turned out they were part of
a travelling Philharmonic group.  They asked if we would like to go see them on their next visit to Capr Town , but we will not
be there when they are............. ohh such a pity....
The R.S.A. v England rugby match was also on at the same time, so the atmosphere was electric.and the noise and cheering was
earshattering,  But South Africa won in the end,  It was exciting to watch , surrounded by all these S.A.'s
Later in the evening, aileen had a swim in the hotels freezing pool before we had dinner,
This consisted of roast leg of lamb and watery mashed potatoes , plus last years mixed veg, but we were hungry and gobbled it all up.
We were happy to have a room in this beautifull village, and be fed. and the rates were very reasonable ,
Even the drink,   a double " Gordons " gin and sweppes tonic cost a mere 2 euro's ........... 
A night cap, and a little reading in the hotels lounge, and then
off to the bed. zzzzzzzzzz
Thats all for today, a byeproduct of sailing around the world.......... getting to see all these lovely places,
Thanks Sham & Emily.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )