Who wants to sail around the woald ! ( Port Elizabeth )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 24 Nov 2010 10:29
TUESDAY  23rd   November 2010
" Jeannius " a multihull on the trip with the World ARC arrived last night and tied alongside us, The boat is sailed just by Mike and Jean
and they had a tough time comming down from Durban, Whats more, their new generator ( installed in that place called " Mackay " )
still does not work ,,   Crickey, we really have nothing good to say about that place.
Early this morning, " Arianne" returned to P.E for the second time and " Lady Eve 1V " arrieved from Durban , plus a Contest from
Holland , she left port yesterday with us, but obviously decided to return also.  Goes to show how bad things were out there.
Skipper is just going to have a cup of cocoa,, Did you know that cocoa originates from ancient central america , and was originally
used as a precious food for the Gods, before being used as a form of payment, It has lost none of its magical flavours over the centuries.
Did you Know....................... Croissants were invented by the Viennese Baker  " Peter Wender " in 1683
So  Croissants and Cocoa, what a lovely combination,
It was a real cloudy miserable morning, and the wind was still honking out of the west, ohh, are we happy to be in out of that crap.
We went to the Y.C. for breakfast, but were too busy with a party , so no joy there again, We will obviously never get to eat in the place.
We did some house work on the boat, did the blog,and emails and grnerally relaxed in the saefty of P.E. 
Aileen was like a hen on an egg, she does not like hanging around relaxing, So she eventually suggested a trip to the shopping centre
to top up her phone, ( we knew this was just an excuse to get off the boat )  BUT, but, skipper knows better than to object.
having seen this situation millions of times over a life time,   Oh yes of course, ! ordered up the taxi and off we sped to the
 farthest away centre in town.
Eventually , skipper unravelled himself and hates to admit, but enjoyed crawling around all the different shops , and getting
some provisions in Woolworths for the next few days,
We returned to the boat, and Aileen cooked a Mutton curry with rice. It was afull good and we enjoyed it all washed down with a
few glasses of wine.
We checked the weather and all looks good for leaving tomorrow morning . so we had a night cap and off to the scratchers zzzzzz
Thats all for now,
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )