Cruising the Caribbean

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 3 Jun 2011 11:24
THURSDAY  2nd JUNE  2011
Its hard to imagine, but here we are in June already,
The weather has got noticably cooler as we head North, the light breeze is fine on the starboard bow and the seas are flat,
As we motor sailed along, we passed lots of Blue and red jelly fish with sails, yes, a transparent sail the full length of the jelly fish.
well, could you ever believe that, Jelly fish with sails, whats next !
Yesterday and today were pretty uneventfull, beautifull weather, so we cleaned the showers, the railings, dragged the
Parasail ( Kite ) out of the forward cabin onto the fore deck and aired it for the day,
Aileen made white soda bread, while skipper cooked the dinners, today we had roast stuffed porksteaks, all the way from
the US,  and they were big and very good , but the mixed herbs in the stuffing was a bit strong,
Because the wind has been so light , or too much ahead, we have used the engine more than ever, we have motored
nearly 550 miles since we left Antigua, thats almost the length of Ireland X 2.
We expect to arrive in Bermuda next Saturday night, however the forecast is for head winds which might slow us down
and it could well  be Sunday morning when we get in.
We have heard nothing from the Irish Embassy in Washington regarding Skippers passport, will we ever get to the States !
Thats it for now,
Signed  :-  Stephen Hyde,, ( Skipper )