Sailing around the World (presently in Salvador , Brazil )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 4 Feb 2011 10:53
Another very hot and humid night, but its better than the brrrrr cold.
Skipper had to get up during the night to tie up the gang plank that came undone because ot the slight surge all the
time at the maina.
A light breakfast on board when all the emails, typing and blogs were complete, and Aileen , Emily and Sham took
off with their own missions,
Skipper spent the morning reorganising  the boat, plus dropping the rib into the water to have the steering examined,
the blooming steerring wheel is locked and it looks like it could be the cables have rusted,
The marina Man, " Marcelo" seems to be the chief " cook and bottle washer" around here, so he took it away to repair it for us...
Some of the Fleet are now beginning to arrive, Overnight, " Thor V1 " arrived and " Lady Eve V1 " is already here, then late morning
" Lady Lisa " arrived and moored close to ourselves,
The day was spent generally exploring Salvador, Sham and Emily even managed a trip to the beach for a swim,
Later, we were joined by Sandro, Lisa, and Bernie from " Lady Lisa" and all seven of us took the lift up to the higher level
where we had a super Steak dinner in this award winning restaurant,, The Fillet steaks were huge, and the accompining sauces
and gravey's would be the envy of " Fats"
Again , the bands and music everywhere was a real joy.. One band that passed right next to the restaurant was just all Drums,
and the sounds were strong and wonderfull. Of course we all got up from the table and rushed out the door for a look.
Later, we got a taxi back to the boats, where we met " Destiny " who just arrived , well done Destiny, they did the trip from St. Helena
to Salvador without ever using their engine,
An early night, and this is the last night on board for Sham & Emily as they fly back to S.A tomorrow,
Thats all for today.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )