A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 11 May 2012 15:01
THURSDAY   19th  MAY  2012
00.00hrs :--  3/4 Moon looked good up their in the sky sweeping us with its silver glow,
The wind was now gusting 30 knots and with the boat well reefed down , we were still scooting along
with all the happy Bunnies on board, Why not, It looks as if we are the leaders of the pack.
03.00hrs :-  Our course and wind direction were taking us east of our rhum line, so we will hold this course
untill we reach 10miles from St. Head on Bermuda. then we will gybe and sail to the finish line at the entrance
to St. Georges,
We had to adjust the clock 1hr to -3 GMT , this usually puts everyones time line out of sinc.
A great way to confuse the crew,
09.00hrs ;-   Radio roll call on the SSB plus we could see land in the disance, They say that the best
2 days of any cruise are the Day you leave Port and then the day you arrive in port,
Most likely Abstension followed by a shot of Alcholism ...........nice nice, slurrrrrp 
Looking at the land reminds skipper of the time back home when he was sailing overnight from Dublin 
to Cork with Terry on board, In the middle of the night off the coast of Ardmore Terry suggested to skipper
a tack , skipper responded " a Tack , why Terry, we are miles from the coast, "  
Terry :-  Oh Skipper , I can see the white in the eyes of the woman looking out the window at us, 
Ohhhh my Gawd, we panicked and tacked, and have laughed about it ever since, 
11.49.33 hrs We crossed the finish line, The first of the fleet to arrive in Bermuda, followed
a few miles behind by " Asteroid" another Irish boat and the third Irish boat " Emilija" was not far behind " Asteroid"
Our friends , Dave & Sue were about 140 miles behind and because there are just the 2 of them on board were
having a tough time, 
we arrived at Customs half an hour later and were met there by Nick & kieran from ARC,
Following that, we motored up to the west end dock in very blustery conditions and lay alongside while we took on
board 500L of duty free fuel , organised by ARC Europe , that saved 20%
Getting off the dock was tricky and sticky with such a strong wind forcing us to make love to the quay wall,
We returned to the basin and dropped anchor among all the other yachts at anchor , put the dingy in the water
after washing down the boat and went ashore to the " White Horse" for an injection of alcohol , slurp, slurp,
Our return journey was wet and bumpy in the dingy, however we used Tom as a human "sprey hood" to keep the
rest of us dry, Once aboard skipper got into cooking a couple of roast stuffed pork steaks , along with a 
stuffing mix with all the roast veg, and crispy bacon on a seperate tray, 
This was all served with creamed potatoes, yum, yum, and all the while we enjoyed plenty of wine and chat, 
and we had a late night, all happy bunnies,
Thats it for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )