A Lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 6 Oct 2009 20:34
Wednesday 16th sept 2009
On Board  :-  Stephen and Aileen, Terry and Collette O@ Sullivan, Helen Cadogan.
We had a long leasurly get up, with a long slow breckfast.
11.30 am we took the girls ashore and then the skipper and Terry checked in with the authorities, easy in this place.
we then went for coffee where we met fergus and kate again, we invited them for dinner on board that night,
We did some work on the boat and later the skipper cooked roast stuffed porksteaks, plus roast spuds, creamed ones, veg ,etc
the starter was a boring " avacado and prawns "
the dessert was " madeira cake " and madeira wine, yum, yum, wine at 20% oh la la la .
We then reviewed Arnaud's photo graph disc yet again,,, fab ,well done Arnaud.
The super bunk at 02.30  Wrecked but a most enjoyable evening, zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ
Thursday 17th
weather still beautifull, slow morning, with a little swimming off the boat. the water was so warm and clear.
Around midday, Helen and Stephen went for a walk to the top of the highest mountain on the Island, we burnt a lot of calories; we crossed the hills
to a lovely church , which was closed when we got there, however we kept going and after a 3 hour hike , we made it back to the beach , close to where the boat was anchored.
we met Aileen ,Terry, and Collette at the beach and all went swimming, there were some fat people there, I mean fat, FAT. we all looked like advert's
for Biafra.
This was followed by a few beers and off out to the beautifull " A Lady "
Colette then cooked another simular TOTIE JOE special,,, yum yum.
the girls watched a girlie film, something like " south pacific "  blast  .... The boys wanted to watch a real film like KELLY'S HERO'S , but lost yet again.
Bed bed ,, opppps Bunks
Friday 18th
10.30 we left Porto Santo for Madeira, again the weather was just lovely, Helen kept whale watch, we saw lots of whales , turtles, dolphins, and everyone was delighted.
The sight of " IIheu de fora" was magnificant, with its lighthouse perched high up on the cliff's....We motored all the way ( 30 miles) as there was no wind.
we decided to go to Funchal, ( capitol ) but had to anchor off as the " single handed transpac race from France to Brazil " was arrieving around the same time.. amazing race, these 21 foot boats being sailed across the atlantic single handed, Ireland would not entertain such an event on health and saefty
grounds. they dident have even have any visable life jackets, oh my god ! what crack pots, or are we the crackpots for not having these kind of events.
All 87 boats, can you imagine.