A LADY TRIP , Sailing around the World and avoiding all the shite at home, ( presently in the Marquesses Islands, South pacific,)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 26 Mar 2010 19:16
WEDNESDAY  24th  MARCH  2010
08.30hrs   We had a good lie in this morning, try and catch up with the sleep.
 Fats and Stephen spent most of the morning in the water , scrubbing and cleaning off the goose barnicles and scum along the waterline,
and at that, we only managed to do half the boat, , phew !
It was interesting, we had little 9" fish swimming in and around our arms and legs and every so often, they would park themselves in front of us and look us straight in the eyes, cool!
We hired a car, ( not easy, as there are only a total of 6 hire cars on the Island,)
We did a short tour around to the town in the afternoon, Its interesting the way different places operate different times,
Here, They get up real early, and everything is open at 07.00hrs, some places even open at 05.00hrs
Then at the otherend of the day, they close , anywhere between 3pm  and  5pm
Later we had Dinner ashore with Bill and Rosemarie from " Crazy Horse" in the Raleis Moehau Restaurant,
It was ok. S.H. had a steak , it was only just ok.
We returnede to the boats early,
thats it for today
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde, ( Skipper)