" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World, ( presently at sea, between the galapagos and marquesses )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 9 Mar 2010 12:16
Monday 8th March 2010        DAY 2
05.00hrs Aileen came on watch, the skipper went to sleep in the cockpit, a lovely night wiyh dawn just beggining to show.
We passed 3 boats during the night, 2 fishing and a ship in the distance.
The wind was very light, 3 or 4 knots, so we motered in a south westerly direction in an effort to locate the wind,
Looking into the grib files, we reconed the wind would be about 150 miles out here.
11.00hrs The wind was now improving, we have 10 knots SSE,
12.00hrs Radio contact with the fleet is midday every day, we exchange our positions and weather conditions,
We are well south of the fleet ( 27 boats) and in a much stronger breeze than anyone else, Great stuff,
14.00 Light avacado prawn salade by the skipper on deck, as we are now sailing along at 9 knots,
16.00 We put on the generator to make some water, as we are down to our last 200L and would not take any on board in the Galapagos as
the quality was not good. You know , all goods and provisions in the Galapagos are brought there by ship and ferried ashore in flat bottomed barges,
This includes their drinking water, and all done once a week. ( resident population approx 17000 )
We are all back reading our books again, the skipper still trying to finish " Mc Carthys Bar " This has to be one of the funniest books ever written.
Read it some day, you will not regret it.
We covered less than 150 miles the first 24hrs, For us this is slow going, but now we have the wind and with the benifit of a 1.5 knot current
in our favour ,we should do much better.
20.00hrs Lasaigne dinner by the skipper, plus doing all the wash up later, ( spoilt brats)
At night out here , the humidity is awsome, Enough moisture in the air to drown a few joy riders.
Watches:-         Aileen.............21.00hrs     to 12.00hrs
                        Fats  ..............12.00hrs     to  05.00hrs
                         Stephen..........05.00hrs     to  o9.00hrs
Beautifull night for sailing,  good night from the Pacific.
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde,     ( Skipper)