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A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 2 Nov 2009 10:36
THURSDAY 29th October 2009
A beautifull day again, Lot of things need attention on the boat. (thats one thing on a boat, always something needs attention)
Had a long walk and later went to the hardware store , looking for storage boxes,
We joined Paul, Christine, Billy and Rachel Stack, and Brian and Verona Hooley for dinner in a waterside restaurant ,downtown Playa Blanca
A very enjoyable evening,
FRIDAY 30 th October 2009
Up early and had a long walk, another beautifull day,went to the store again and later we met Paul , Christine, and the two beautifull grandaughters
back on the boat .
We set sail towards fuertoventura in ideal conditions,
At sunset we dropped anchor off Papagayo beech and had a long slow dinner on board in the light of the full moon.
The grandchildren were delighted with staying on the boat for the night and we all had a great night sleep.
SATURDAY 31st October
Slow get up, After breakfast, we did a little fishing off the back of the boat and caught one small fish, Emily reeled it in and we put it in a bucket
for a while , later it was relesed back to the deep blue sea.
We all went swimming, many times during the off the back of the boat, and topped up the sun tans inbetween.
We got back to the Marina Rubicon around 4 pm, Paul, Emily, Rachel  and Stephen went off and had chicken and chips in LANI'S
The Kids went off in their comtumes for Halloween night and Stephen and Aileen had an earley night.
Sunday 1st November 2009
Up early, and off to Playa Blanca for 10 am Mass, Stephen had to do the " first reading "  and suddenly feels as if  he has been selected
by God to do something special, What, we will have to wait to find out,
We met some interesting people  ( mostly admiring A Lady ),  
      * Maurice Walsh,  His granfather was originally from Youghal, He grew up and lived in Dublin till he was 35 and then moved to the Isle of Mann
      * Stuart and Trish ?  they have a Discovery 67 , A beautifull boat inside, They are from Lewis/ Harris in the outer Hebrides.
      * Hans and Sylvia ? German folks and have a very nice 59 foot Aluminium yacht.
We did a tour of Yaitza looking for an open Farmacia, Aileen was not well, very difficult breathing, with blocked nose and spinning head,
( something doing the rounds, )  as lots of our visitors during the week we all sick .
Having acquired the medicine , we drove up the very picturesk coast road to El Golfo and had a beer , BOY , it was hot.... well over 30 degrees
and very unseasonal for here,
Paul Christine and the granchildren flew home and later we collected our daughter " Leah " and her husband " Johnny" at the airport,
They are comming to stay on the boat with us for a week and will fly back from Gran Canaria
We had dinner on board, ( slow roast belly pork ) with all the crackling, roast spuds, apple sauce, and veg.  yum, yum
Later  we looked over all the PHOTO'S OF JOHNATHAN HYDE'S WEDDING, which Leah and Johnny attended last Friday
By all accounts it was a great event and ROM was very funny ,as always,
A late night with plenty of wine and eventually off to the bunks
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz