"A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World ,and avoiding the recession ( currently around Panama and the San Blas islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 2 Feb 2010 18:12
MONDAY  1st Feb 2010.
Up early, as it was very hot,
Checked the messages , and then collected the laundry, which according to Aileen was very badly done, stain still on some of the clothes.
We did some boat works and the Skipper sanded and varnished the Flag Pole again, plus touching up the toe rails and giving the cockpit table
a once over with varnish. The sun is taking its toll on everything, including ourselves.
The Skipper met Aileen for lunch close to the Marina and then bought two " Panama Hats" one each, These are made in Equidor and are 100%
"Paja Toquilla" ( a sort of linen/flax ) very cool in the heat of Panama.
After lunch we bumped into " Bronwyn " who is also sailing around the world with her husband, but not with our group, 
 Later , we went bact to the boat and lolled around till 18.00hrs , when everyone went shower mad,
This ,of course, was because.... we were invited to " Zig  Zag "  for drinks at 18.30 hrs, This 82 foot Oyster yacht belongs to Richard Matthews.
A friend of FAT's for 40 years and ex owner of Oyster Yachts,  He sold out a few years ago to a group of investors. ( his timing was excellent )
20.00hrs, we, as in Richard Matthews, his crew and Guests, plus the gang of six from "A  Lady " all headed off in a Mini Bus
organised by R.M. ,to a very chic restaurant in the old town..   We had lots of laughs, and lots of jokes. and of course, lots of wine,
all courtesy of R.M.
The skipper made a speech at the end of the night, thanking the host on behalf of the " gang of six"
later we had a few night caps on A  Lady  ( we needed these like a hole in the head ) but it had to be done. before eventually
crawling into the scratchers and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Signed  ,    Stephen Hyde,      Skipper