Sailing around the World ( Presently in Reunion Island, SW Indian Ocean )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 26 Oct 2010 17:56
MONDAY  25th   OCTOBER  2010
06.00hrs  Skipper got about emails and checking the on board navigation computers,
The day was very overcast, Aileen decided for a reason we wont discuss to wash down the decks, It started to rain
and she continued to wash down the decks, god bless her,
11.00hrs, we got a lift into " Avis " car rentals from Audrie ( her dad owns the pub " Dodo's" across the pier ) actually , the pub is just about 50 meters
from the boats, very handy for the coffee's, and wifi.
There were no cars available and Audrie got on the phone and organised one from " Weils " , but would not be ready untill 17.00hrs, so Skipper and Aileen walked into town where we had a light lunch, skipper had a spiced beef dish, very tasty. a local dish with rice.
14.00hrs, we paid a visit to orange to sort out our mobiles, we had to get two new sim cards and some top up to go with them ,
Later we walked back to the boat and bought a beautifull big flower arrangment for a mere 15 euros,  At home one half the size in Douglas
Court would cost the skipper 50 euros every week.
Back on the boat, Terry was going on about the different times on the different clocks, ie All starting times and finishing times are
calculated on the starting time, where ever we start from, so when we sailed from the Coco's islands to Mauritius ( a distance of 1,300 miles )
our finishing time was taken in Coco's time, even though the clocks had moved back 2.5hrs, and all our clocks were adjusted accordingly
except the E120 chart plotter, so we would know by looking at that instrument where we were in Coco's time, therefore we had different times above and below deck,  So Terry would be heard saying "  I wonder what time it is down below, or what time is it in Darwin, or what time is it in Mauritius now, "
* ='* are we nuts or what !
We checked the emails, and had many including one from Rom, great , we havent had a laugh for a while and he is very funny with
his emails, He described the surprise 60th birthday party he threw for his wife " Verna "  a major success by all accounts. and his account
as usual was witty and entertaining.
17.00hrs  We collected our rent a car, a citron C1,  golly gosh , was this thing small for the 5 of us,  it will be the classic case of sardines in a can .
but it was all we could get, so be happy.
17,45 hrs, We entertained some of the owners and crews from the W ARC boats, just for drinks while our roast chicken dinner was cooking
in the oven This went very well and we had a laugh, however we were swamped with bloody moths, millions of the beggers, in your eyes, up your nose, in your hair, in your drink, in the food, J+*'s afull blinkin things. mind you they dont bite or sting.which is wonderfull down in this region.
In Australia, it was the case ----   If it did not eat you, it would kill you with a sting -------
When the guests departed at 8.30pm we sat down and had our roast stuffed chicken, roast spuds, creamed potatoes, carrotts and brussell sprouts.
We enjoyed that food and had a few night caps before hitting the scratchers,
Thats it from moth land .
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )