" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World and avoiding the recession at the same time.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 7 Jun 2010 19:33
SUNDAY    6th   JUNE   2010            ( Presently in Vava'u,  Tonga, South Pacific )      Donals birthday
08.00hrs, another beautifull day in Paradise,
Aileen did a poached egg breakfast for those that wanted it,
Vava'u is one of those places that closes down completly on a Sunday, not even the cafe's are open
Margaret, Aileen and skipper traaped up the hill to the local Cathedral in beautifull sunshine,  a big big white building
standing on the top of the hill for all to see.
Oh my god !  the music, the singing, the choir,  Awsome. It is hard to believe that the human voice could be so powerfull,
put about a 100 choir singers into a confined space and , Walla!.............  Earth shattering stuff,.........     the singing lasted for about 1.5 hrs.
We were drunk from listening to it all. HEAVEN has to have this choir, otherwise we wont go...    oooooooooooh  la la ,
A blooming great start to the day,,   so uplifting.. we are floating aroung like a bunch of Angels,
We met a lot of crews from other boats there , many of them are from other religious backgrounds, but go to Mass
for the music.   Mind you, there are lot of churches here on this Island, all different religions, and all singing their hearts out,
But we think our RC one takes the biscuit.
In some ways, its all very funny, well maybe not so funny,
Everyone knows that there is a GOD and Heaven, even the dogs on the street know that........ drummed in since the day we were born.
All religions know that also, because they also had it drummed into them from the word go !
SO   .....................at the top of the Pyramid is God and Heaven .
THEN.................... there are all those millions of humans below, trying to get up there,
SO   .....................they have to find the right transport to get there.
So.........................the transport is a religion, ( like the car, the plane, the train, the ship, the bicycle, etc )
So ....................... As we know, all transport costs money, because basically, they are buisnesses , there to provide a service and make money.
So  .......................So now we have all these religions trying desperatly to get everyone into their Vehicle.
So.........................the sales people are the missionaries, sent out around the world recruiting travellers trying to get to heaven.
So.........................Our RC church, The Orient Express of religions, is beginning to loose passangers and travellers, plus a few quid to boot.
So........................ Perhaps its time to change the board of managment and rebuild the buisness before its too late.
SO  ......................So, Bloody simple , isint it .  god , imagine , thats what skipper was thinking about while listening to all wonderfull choir music. !
The style at Mass was great, Both men and women , all dressed in their local costumes.
but all good things come to an end, so we made our way back to the Yacht Club, ( closed on a sunday )
but the girls had already ordered a birthday cake for " Fats "  , as its his birthday to day, and it is to be delivered at !2,00hrs to the YC.
Interesting, he was on board " A Lady " last year for his birthday also.
The cake, a chocklete yum yum cake had a broken moterbike on top to remind the birthday boy of recent happenings
Aileens suggestion of the bike , sent the pastry chef into orbit making such " out of the ordinary " cake.
Back on board, Fats was in his siesta ( or as he calls it , " his Ziz " )
Skipper got into the emails and blog, while the girls went for a nap .
17.30hrs Our guests arrived for a drinks party in honour of the birthday boy, we started with Champaigne, and quickley moved onto
wine and gin & tonics,  there were 16 on board in total including ourselves.
Ruie, from " Thor V1 " was also celebrating his birthday, so we toasted him also.   Ohhhh we had great laughs, and lots
of jokes about " Fats "  and for 2 hours, we really enjoyed the party........
Dave & Sue from " Voyaguer "   did their own birthday card with this poem :-   Donal the navigator
                                                                                                                 A frustrated aviator
                                                                                                                    Wanted to fly
                                                                                                                 and take to the sky
                                                                                                                 took off on a scooter
                                                                                                                 but landed on his hooter
                                                                                                                 So to save all the fuss
                                                                                                                 Next time take a bus
Thats good,
We then went ashore and skipper bought dinner for the birthday boy and the rest of our crew in his honour.
The restaurant  " Dancing Rooster " sounded much better than the food tasted,  However, we had a great night.
23.00hrs   We arrived back on " A Lady "    had a night cap sitting on the Aft deck sofa before we hit the scratchers
We could not get our emails and messages to go,, bloody computers, like Beauricrats, they only seem to work sometimes.
or worse, only when they feel like it .
Thats it for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper ).......