" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World and avoiding the Shite back Home. ( presently in las Perlas Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 4 Feb 2010 13:46
Another beautifull day in paradise,
Lots of fish jumping all over the place, being chased by bigger fish from below and birds from above,
We all went for a swim off the back of the boat, but the water here is certainly cooler than on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.
09.00hrs  Fat's ( our radio officer) listened for traffic on the radio, Not much doing there,
The Skipper did the blog while the others got the the boat underway, going north and leaving Viveros island behind
and heading for Isla Mogo Mogo, only a few miles away.
Around here there is a 5m rise and fall of tide, wchch causes plenty of current and very strong tide flows.
On our way, Richard caught a big tuna, which Fat's duly fillited and marinated for a Sushi Lunch at Isla Mogo Mogo.
When we arrived at the island,we dropped anchor in the channel, which was not a good idea, ( hind sight bieng an exact science)
A strong breeze blowing againsted a building tide caused big waves , which made getting on and off the boat difficult
so we had to move later a couple of hundred yards out of the tide and flatter water.
Aileen cleaned the cooker and the boss cleaned some of the stainless steel fittings, as these get stained easily in the conditions here.
Later , A & S went ashore to the beautifull beach, pure white sand with lots of little crabs running around like mad things.
We also saw a huge lizzard on the rocks, The biggest weve seen so far on the trip.
There was an amazing amount of Pelicans and Frigate Birds around the place, In fact the wild life is magic.
On the beach we met Bob and Maggie and Jimmy from " Ocean Jas Per " all enjoying the beautifull sand.
after a long chat and plenty of swimming, we went back to A  LADY.
17.30 hrs  We raised anchor and went about another 3 miles north to " Islas Cantadora " where the airport is located.
Richard and Grattan are leaving for home in the morning from here, first to Panama , then onto Amsterdam and tomorrow , back to cork.
Dinner consisted of "TUNA " with all the bits, Cooked by Fats and was wonderfull.
later we discussed ,( with intyerest , the R.C.Y.C operations, ) the good points and the.......................
Bunk zzzzzzzzzzzzz