Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 18 Oct 2010 03:18
SUNDAY    17th   OCTOBER    2010
Skipper remained in the bunk , while Aileen , Collette and Terry toddled off to Mass,
There they met the priest who publically welcomed them to Mauritius and the Church from the Alter.
10.00hrs,  Skipper joined the other 3 for breakfast in the Hotel, Neil was still off with the others on the east coast.
The food was only so,so, mind you there was a lot of food, but the eggs were like rubber, and the bacon was as hard as nails.
the toast was good, so we had lots of that.
13.00hrs,  Aileen, Terry and Collette wandered off in the car to the beach , while Skipper remained on board to rest his wounds,
Irine from " Tucanon " came over to " A Lady" to wish a speedy recovery to the skipper, which was nice, and appreciated.
Skipper had lots of emails wishing him well and most commented on the timing, How lucky we were to be in a civilized
place when all this happened..................  Well we all know how important timing is,, its everything really.
or " being in the right place at the right time "
Thanks to all the well wishers,
18.00hrs,  All the travellers returned to the boat,
Neil gave his account of the great time they had at Silver beach, and described the Villa in great detail .
We were amazed at the security on the Villa, Bars over all the windows, and they were warned to make sure that all windows and doors were properly
and secured at all times,  Then Neil proceeded to tell us about some of the younger folk , who went into the town centre a few nights ago
for a couple of scoops and got the crap beaten out of them by some local thugs. sooooo, the place is not totally perfect.
At the hospital, skipper was continually asked if we encountered any Pirates on our way here, It seems that there is a lot of Piracy around, despite all the vigilance of the Navy,, In some ways its funny,,, As they say, history repeates itself and this place had lots of Pirates back around the 1700's.
So, whats new !  They are just reinventing themselves.
Did ye ever hear of the Dodo bird, well this Island was the only place that this flightless bird existed and did very well untill
the place was invaded by the white man, Its not clear if the bird was hunted to extinction, or if it became extinct because of the dogs, rats
and cats that were introduced to the Island by our ancestors. In any event, it is now extinct, but they do
have lots of models of the bird all over the Island,
Collette cooke the dinner, this was a Chicken curry and rice, all made with her own spices and was very tasty.
We had many callers , just chatting etc,
Thats all for now.
Signed :-   Stephen  Hyde  ( Skipper )