" A LADY TRIP " THE CARRIBEAN Sailiag around the world and avoiding the recession

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 24 Dec 2009 21:17
SATURDAY  19th December 2009
07.30 Woke up early in Marigot Bay and went for an early swim in lovely sunshine,
10.00 We sailed out of Marigot bay bound for Rodney Bay.
14 30  we drove to the supermarket and got some provisions for Christmas week, we met Jason and his Daughter " Jasmine" at the supermarket and gave them a lift back to the marina when we were done with the shopping. Jason  was moored next to us in Las Palmas,
16.30 We got the shuttle bus to the PRIZE giving, this turned out to be a very well organised event with lot of familys and friends attending,
It was held in a NIGHT CLUB, which was in fact an old warehouse or factory, and located about a mile from the Marina.
A LADY collected 4 prizes, including a bottle of Champaigne from "OYSTER" for our performance, and first prize for the PAINTING on the Quay wall
in Las Palmas.  Mind you, this was entirley thanks to AILEEN, who kept the skipper under pressure to do one and also suggested the shape and colours
and also reserved the space on the wall .
Even though we were first across the line and finished 8 hours ahead of the next  boat in our class, (  which was also an OYSTER 56 ) we
finished 3rd because we used our engine,
SARABI  was first,
GWYLAN  was second,
A LADY     was third,
WIND FLOWER  was fourth .
The above were all Oyster 56's  and all used their engines as well as ourselves............ Less than 3 hours seperated the four boats after 15 days at sea..
It was a great crossing, in a great boat, with a great crew, and a great prize giving night to finish the event.
SUNDAY 20th December 2009
09.00 we went to the shop for more provisions, and later departed in the jeep to collect our new crew for Christmas,
They were 1 1/2 hours late as the flight was delayed due to snow.
We drove straight back to the boat ( a journey of 1 1/2 hours)  There was a swopping of cards and other items going back ,
We had dinner ashore and an early night as the guests had a long day. ( the guest's Sarah and Stefan are our two youngest kids )
MONDAY 21st December 2009.
08.30   ALL up and about,
09.30  We all went off in the jeep to " Castries" . the main town of St Lucia, where the Skipper had an appointment with Dr A.Lalsing , a Dermatologist.
She burnt off all the sun damaged areas on the skip's body, including his face, this was done electronically, and the smell of burning skin was not plesent,
The boss looked like a war vetern returning from Afganistan,  
12.30  we set off to have lunch in SOUFerrie and later went to view the only active VALCANO in the Carribbean,
Both  events were only just OK, but they took all day.
19.00 we arrieved back to the Marina and Ate ashore ,
An earley night , after a night cap.
Dropped off the rent a car/jeep , topped up the water on the boat and set sail for Marigot Bay, A distance of about 9 miles or so.
12.30 we tied to a mooring after a 1 1/2 hour trip and having caught and released a large fish.
This time we moored outside , where there was more wind to keep us cool at night,
We all dived over the side into that lovely pale blue water to cool off,, and we spent lots of time in the water, during the rest of the day.
Later all, but the skipper went ashore to do a bit of scouting around.
The Skipper prepared a roast leg of lamb for dinner, which was savagely consumed by all later.
22.00 We went to DooLittles for a few Rum & coke's, when we returned to " A LADY" we were joined by our neighbour from his 23 foot
steel hulled boat he had sailed on his own from London, GRAB THAT  Last year " Mark" decided to take a year off from his own Cabinet making buisness.
So he bought the little yacht, rented his appartment for 12 months, and off he went, cool man. real cool. ( the boat was the neatist thing you ever saw )
After lots of chat with Mark, we all went to a late bunk,, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
08.00  We set sail for " the blue lagoon " on the south side of St, Vincent Island, a distance of approx 65 miles,
The wind was fresh, very fresh, 25/30 knots and gusting  over 40 knots at times, it was a beam reach and we made good time,
The sea state was moderate with the odd rouge wave, which duely drenched some of the bunks, as not all hatches and port holes were closed properly.
We had lots of chat with the office at home and included Paul Hyde, Veronica, Lizz, Donal Mc Clement, and others,
After a great sail, we arrived at the " Blue Lagoon" but the sea state was too rough to attempt an entry through the very narrow gap
in the coral reef that surrounded blue lagoon, so we continued on to " BEQUIA " and arrieved into Port Elizabeth at approx 17.00hrs..
The place was packed with boat's of every decription, We got a good mooring from one of the local " Boat Boys"
This was followed by Lots of Gin & Tonics and we had a tasty chicken dish on board for Dinner,
We had Looooveellyy  Loooooong discussions about our FRIEND'S and so they wouldent feel left out, we also included a great debate
about our less friendly brethern ,,
Very late night , followed by some sore heads the following morning......ZZ  zzzzz ZZZZ  Ohhhhhhh
THURSDAY 24th December 2009
09.00.  A very shakey start to the day
10.00   We all went swimming off the boat, a great way to shake off the cobwebs.
11.00   Aileen drove Sarah ashore in the rib , while The Skipper, Stefan and Paul washed down and polished the boat, and in the process
nearly emptied the main water tank,  so we had to put on the water maker and replenish our stock to some degree. but she only makes
60ltrs an hour instead of 120 , which she is supposed to do......
13.00  We had a cheese and crackers lunch and were joined by CLIEVE DEASEY ,
Clieve and his wife Alice, (both Architects , and from Cork ) are now Skipper and first mate on a SWAN 56 , called Lolita and spend
most of their time between the U.S . and the Carribbean,,   Nice nice.
As its CHRISTMAS EVE , we are all set to go to MASS at 17.00 hrs and dinner ashore later and celebrate with the locals .
There will be lots of music and singing, including Christmas Carroll's
Signed  Stephen Hyde, Skipper